Walmer Mixed A had their closest match of the season in the home fixture with Holcombe Brook B at Mosley Avenue in Division One of the Bolton Tennis League.

They came out on top in the mixed section with wins from Jay Hardy and Hattie Morley, 6-4, Adam Gooddy and Lisa Morley, 6-4 and Andy Hoskins and Dianne Hardman, 6-3, while Paul Biggins and Gail Blackburn lost 4-6.

For the men’s, Hardy and Gooddy extended the Walmer lead with sets of 6-1, 6-3, and Biggins and Hoskins were even at 6-5, 5-6.

The Holcombe ladies turned the match when Lisa Morley and Blackburn lost 3-6, 0-6 and they inflicted a five-game defeat on Walmer with identical sets against Hardman and Hattie Morley, but this was Walmer’s best overall performance of the season so far.

In Division Three, Walmer B were visitors to Markland Hill C with the home side showing strong form, and in the Mixed section all Walmer’s pairings of Rick Morley and Pam Leach, Phil and Kate Mansfield, Ryan Tierney and Megan Suthurst and Raj Rhaman and Sophie Parton were defeated.

For the men’s, Morley and Tierney scored 6-5, 4-6 and Mansfield and Rhaman 2-6, 5-6 and for the ladies Parton and Mansfield did win a set at 6-5 but Walmer ended with a heavy defeat.

In Division Five, Walmer C’s weakened team put up a great fight at Lostock F and despite going behind in the mixed section, they were on top in the ladies’ section with wins from in-form pairing of Jill Ashworth and Elle Ward. In the men’s section, Brian Richards and Bruce Hardman won 6-2, 6-3, followed by 6-5, 6-5 wins from Keith Fairhurst and Dominic Syddall, but Walmer went down by a seven-game margin.