Bury FC owner Steve Dale has hit back at criticism of his tenure, including a scathing statement from the players, and insists he will “save the club”.

The Shakers squad aired their views on Wednesday evening, calling on Dale to sell up in a desperate plea for action.

Dale, who only took over in December, has now passionately responded in a 1,300 word statement of his own that gives an update on the troubled club as he tries to find a buyer.

The players remain unpaid with manager Ryan Lowe reportedly on the verge of leaving for Plymouth just weeks after promotion to League One.

Bury are due back in the High Court over a winding-up petition on June 19, a previous hearing having been adjourned to allow for a possible takeover to be completed.

“I said I would do all I could to save the club which would have closed in November last year, we're now in May so that’s working and is ongoing,” said Dale.

The club was bust due to the previous owner’s tenure in fact turning out as it unfolded to be far worse than anyone could have known.

“NOBODY would have taken it on, I did and am being vilified by the same few trolls/persons with agenda for sorting a mess that I did not create.

“I will save the club and pass on to the right person when they appear to be assured.”

In his address to supporters Dale addressed both the future of Lowe and the claims made by the playing squad.

Bury Times:

On the Shakers manager and the links with Plymouth, he said: “Firstly, thank you Ryan for your work with others to achieve promotion in these difficult times.

“Leaving the club is clearly not something we want to see but Ryan is a young man starting on his management career and who are we to stop his trajectory if he wants this?

“Plymouth asked to speak to him which we sanctioned but as far as I know he is still with Bury.”

The players, who say they have not been paid for 12 weeks, said in their  statement that Dale had “no regard or consideration for us as players, our families, or our futures”, which brought an angry response.

He said: ”Why do you think I am working 5am to 8pm and later every day, TO SORT THIS MESS I DID NOT MAKE?

“Not the actions of someone who doesn’t care.

“We want this resolving as fast as we can and I can assure the players it’s the last thing I want to break up our winning team. I hope you can allow us to get the past cleared so next season there are no reoccurrences of the last few months. Only our cutbacks and prudent financial controls will achieve that.”

The players’ release also said that Mr Dale had offers from potential new owners of the Gigg Lane club that would see him make a profit.

“We have had one offer from a Canadian Company that is not suitable and rather onerous and I am in talks with two others, one of which I feel would be a great fit,” the chairman replied.  

“I will report if this progresses to a deal but for now it’s just talks.

“However I can confirm interested parties are concerned at the media and internet diatribe.

“Well done you are jeopardising the sale of the club.”