TEN members from Tottington Sea Anglers travelled to the South West to head out on the fishing boat called Fish On skippered by Josh Simmons in Weymouth.

After a long seven-hour journey because of motorway traffic, they arrived on Friday evening ready to fish the next morning.

The weather was kind as they set off from the harbour at 7.30am but they could not head out to the offshore wrecks for the cod and the pollock because the wind roughed up the sea.

They decided to fish inshore for tope, rays, conger, black bream, spurdog and the usual dog fish.

Fishing was hard work for the first few hours but mackerel were in abundance and of a good size for the pan, so the anglers all took some home.

The tope fishing was excellent with fish upto 40lbs caught by Gary Spencer and many more between 25-35lbs, which were all caught and released safely.

A few conger, some good rays and a couple of dozen black bream were caught but only one spurdog.

Sunday brought much the same weather and the same fishing and all the anglers had a great time.