THROWING punches in a glass house worked well for Jake Tomlinson, who returned to the scene of his latest match, a defeat, and forced his opponent’s corner to throw in the towel.

The Radcliffe Community ABC fighter, known as ‘The Tank’, accepted a fight against Jake Vickers, of Everton Red Triangle ABC, at short notice.

Tomlinson had had his first bout at the Isla Gladstone Conservatory Glass House in Liverpool around 18 months ago, suffering a defeat at the Merseyside venue.

Since that loss he has suffered a succession of injuries, including a torn bicep. So, for him, accepting the chance to return was about a shot at redemption.

At 5ft 8in, the 21-year-old is among the shorter boxers in the 85kg weight class while Vickers had two years’ experience and a clear height advantage.

Once both fighters were in the ring and the bell sounded Tomlinson came flying out of his corner and put the pressure on his opponent, working the inside and throwing solid hooks to the body and head.

This was too much for his opponent to cope with. He tried come back with a few punches of his own but to no avail. 

It was not long before Tomlinson caught the home-town fighter with a solid left hook and he went down.

Though he got back to his feet and received a standing eight count, as soon as the order came from the official to re-engage, Tomlinson was straight out of his neutral corner and got back at his opponent, hooking away once again to his body. 

The pressure of the onslaught was too much for the Everton fighter, whose coach had seen enough and threw in the towel.

It was a win that Tomlinson needed to put that first loss behind him at the same venue.