BURY director Iain Mills has resigned after a bizarre row over the issue of him wearing shorts at Gigg Lane.

Despite owning the mortgage at the ground, Mills was asked not to enter hospitality suites on matchday after the club received several complaints.

The issue was raised at a board meeting earlier this week, after which, the popular figure decided to quit the club.

Self-confessed eccentric, Mills, has injected massive funds into the Shakers since he first came on to the board in 2003.

But he claimed the issue over his matchday attire has become an "embarrassing sideshow," that threatened to deflect from important issues, such as the Shakers' survival in League Two.

"It's ridiculous to think that 12 inches of material below my bum is causing this much of a problem to people," he said. "I think some people need t get a life.

"Everyone knew how I dressed when I came to the club and that hasn't changed.

"It is not as if I turn up in a g-string; then they would have something to complain about. I'm just sorry that it has come to this."

Mills, who travels both home and away with the squad, said he has encountered few problems with his attire at other grounds around the country.

"I prefer to stay out of the boardroom, I like the atmosphere on the terraces," he said. "Other clubs don't seem to mind.

"I have taken a lot of stick, but that never bothers me. What is disappointing is that I can't pop in to say hello to friends at Gigg Lane.

"I know I have a different approach to some people, but I have always tried to put the club first. Now I feel I have to take a stand."

The board expressed " deep regret" over Mills' decision to resign.

A statement read: "It is probably fair to say that Bury Football Club would not be in existence without the assistance of Iain Mills and his family.

"Over the years the board have overcome many hurdles and for Iain to resign over this matter is disappointing but illustrates once again that he will always put the club's interests first.

"The board hold Iain and his family in great esteem and look forward to welcoming them back to the ground at any time in the future."