Radcliffe AC runners joined the thousands taking part in the Great Manchester Run 10k and Half Marathon.

John Gibbs led home the RAC runners at the sunny Great Manchester Half Marathon in 1hr 28mins 8secs.

Other results: Simon Foulkes 1:33:29, Mark Taylor 1:37:42, Kelly Porter 1:42:03, Charlene Leyden 1:53:52, Chris Saville 2:07:41, Sarah Tucker 2:19:09.

Kelly Porter doubled up by running the 10k on the same day in 52:53.

Other 10k results: Rob Shiels 42:10, Mark Garner 44:48, Ethan Malone 53:06, Charlotte Holden 59:48, Helen Kay 1:02:18, Craig Ward 1:13:58, Iain Harris 1:29:28, Mike Scott 1:29:28, Bev Quinton 1:29:28.

Stunning Peak District views were the order for the day for Annette McQueen and Warren Simmens at the challenging 54k Maverick Ultra. They ran 6:31:25 and 7:39:28 respectively in soaring temperatures.

Meanwhile, Craig Norman travelled to Derbyshire for the 24-hour Farmyard Jam Backyard Ultra.

Starting at midday, every hour competitors had to complete either a 4.2-mile run or a 3-mile run and a 100m obstacle course. Norman completed 13 loops, a total of 42 miles and 120 obstacles, before he twisted his ankle and was timed out.

Three members completed the picturesque Chester Half Marathon, which is run on city and rural roads. In warm weather, Emma Wolstencroft clocked 2:12:26 followed by Kath Biddle (2:15:15) and Tracy Wroe (2:39:28).

There was also a swarm of yellow and black vests at the midweek Coronation Trail Race in Horwich. Points were up for grabs in both the club’s road and trail championships and the Central Lancashire Grand Prix. John Gibbs was a fantastic 14th in 40:30, while Sheila McNulty was first FV75 in 1:11:00.

Other results: Mike Kontowtt (44:32), Ian Swan (44:53), Simon Foulkes (46:10), Mark Garner (46:50), Adam Wills (46:52), Mia Derbyshire (47:56), Paula Abernethy (52:34), Chemane Golding (53:34), Sheila Jones (54:03), David Bartlett (54:49); Kath Davies (55:21), Karen Doherty (55:27), Alison Howarth (59:39), Emma Wolstencroft (1:00:20), Louise Shield (1:00:47), Peter Warr (1:01:51), Elaine Bailey (1:02:50), Helen Kay (1:04:11), Tracy Wroe (1:05:14), Andy Wheeler (1:17:54), Bev Quinton (1:27:13),Mike Scott (1:27:13).

The Saturday morning 5k parkruns were also popular with members. At Heaton Park, Marc Taylor was 15th in 20:06 ahead of Steven Fawcett (20:57), Mark Taylor (22:11), Sheila Jones (24:33), Ethan Malone (25:53), Charlotte Holden (28:06), Kevin Dewhurst (32:44) and Andy Wheeler (37:33).

Rob Shiels ran 24:51 at Bolton followed by Paul Benson (25:59), Kath Davies (28:39), Mark Williams (28:46) and Natalie Hitchen (41:09).

Other results: Alexandra Park – Mark Garner 20:55; Delamere – Stephen Crowe 28:38; Lytham Hall – Peter Hunter 22:41, Helen Kay 29:40, Bev Quinton 41:12; Peel – Mike Kontowtt 24:37; Philips Park – Vince Ashton 1:01:35; Ruthin Memorial Playing Fields – Katherine Biddle 28:52; Stretford – Bradleigh Holmes 24:16; Wepre – Mia Derbyshire 25:06; Worsley Woods – Tracy Wroe 30:53.