Plans for an all-weather 3G pitch in Ramsbottom have got the go-ahead after scoring support from residents.

The state of the art football pitch will be installed at Top Park playing fields on Bolton Road West, home of Ramsbottom JFC, after an application received unanimous approval by Bury Council’s planning committee on Tuesday.

The plans also include an artificial grass pitch, floodlights and an extension to an existing pavilion and parking and is designed to allow more games to go ahead regardless of weather conditions.

While the new pitch will be enclosed and primarily be used by Ramsbottom JFC, the plans will not affect the wider playing field, the multi-use game area or the children’s play area which will all remain accessible to the public.

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Cllr Garth Staples-Jones said: “It’s good to see Bury Council are working with the Football Foundation to make use of this space because the more children we get playing the more children that we get moving outside, the healthier they are later in life.

“It’s a good use of space, it floods, and it’s not very well used. Ramsbottom JFC are very receptive to concerns from the community, and as a local councillor myself, I know that well work with residents and other partners who want to use that space, it’s a good project and I’m glad to see it being done.”

After the plans were announced, Ramsbottom JFC club secretary said that the new pitch will be “revolutionary” for the club, which is often forced to cancel matches due to bad weather.

Following consultation, the proposals received strong support from the community, who said it will fulfil a need for suitable areas for children to play sport in the borough and help to promote healthy lifestyles.

There have been 125 comments in support of the plans and three objections.

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The improvement work has been made possible due to a successful funding application to the Football Foundation after Ramsbottom was identified as a “priority area” for a new pitch.

The new development aims to increase the quality and the capacity of sports facilities in the borough. The first £25,000 of any income will be set aside for its future maintenance as required by the Football Foundation.

The application was approved by the planning committee on the condition that developers address existing drainage issues ay the field.