Radcliffe Athletics Club member, Annette McQueen, won the ladies’ race in the 70-mile (113km) ultramarathon event The Wall.

Including a total of 3,460 feet of elevation, The Wall takes runners through historic Hadrian’s wall country as it traverses the majority of northern England’s most iconic coast-to-coast route. McQueen finished this extraordinary race in 12hrs 49mins 58secs, beating the second-placed female finisher by more than 10 minutes.

Also representing Radcliffe at The Wall was Warren Simmons, who completed the ultra-distance trek from Carlisle Castle to Gateshead Baltic Quay in 16:04:01.

Kath Biddle was also on the ultra-distance last weekend as she completed the 100km Cotswold Ultra. This two-day event takes runners through an undulating route with amazing scenery. Biddle completed the challenge in 17:18:00, but noted the worst bit was the three-hour drive home afterwards.

Elsewhere, Laura Aiken ran the Lyme Park Midsummer Trail 10km, finishing in 1:14:52.