QUEENSWAY Snooker and Seedfield Bowling Club are setting the early pace as the only two unbeaten teams in Bury Billiards League.

At Queensway, Phil Deakin opened up a significant early lead, including a run of 37, before Dave Samuels pulled it back with a break of 58, but he was unable to prevent Deakin crossing the winning line. Bonner Coleano overcame a handicap deficit to win the second game and a similar result came in the final game as Ron Tolson beat Ian Street.

Seedfield’s Paul Eslick gave his side an early lead at Tottington Con Club, but Sid Bailey reversed the situation after the second.

Brian Ridley maintained the handicap advantage over Phil Spring in the final game to win by a large margin and claim the aggregate points. Champions Bury Snooker lost again, this time at the hands of Elton Liberal Club B, and Elton Liberal Club A also won against Prestwich Con Club. In the battle between the Walmersley Con Club sides, the A team’s Peter Stanyer made a 48 break to defeat the B team’s Darren Samuels. Steve Barcroft won for the second time to defeat Graham Brennan in the second and Paul Hulme won the final game to give the A team a 4-1 win. Walshaw defeated Norman’s Snooker 4-1 with Geoff Farrington winning the opener against Trevor Smith who had a run of 37.

Neil Oddy narrowly defeated Barry Weall in the second but Bill Whittaker won by a hefty margin in the final game to clinch the aggregate.