Bury won their first game in three inter-league matches against Bolton when they took the senior honours with a 168-146 victory.

Bolton lost three batters first time round in Friday’s match at Darcy Lever Cricket Club and another two on the second, by which time they had scored just 17 runs.

Gail Nicholson then hit a rounder before subsequently being caught out for 11, and Toni Morton was last batter and top scorer with 12 as the home side were all out for 47, including eight bad balls.

Bury lost two batters at the first attempt, but scored three twos and a three. Captain Kath Bond then scored a three, but was caught out off the next ball and two others were also dismissed on the third round.

Joanne Heaton was one of three Bury batters to score double figures with a couple of twos, a rounder and a three before being caught out, but the last two batters dug in and went round nine times before being caught out.

Debbie Pierce scored 15, seven of which followed two no scores, and Kayleigh Mayo, with a rounder, was top scorer with 24 to give the visitors 82 and a lead on.

Determined to make amends, the Bolton girls had a much better second innings despite having Janet Baldwin caught and Ange Booth dismissed at first base on the first round.

Needing 65 to win, Bury lost six batters within the first three rounds, including both of the high scorers from the first innings, but captain Kath Bond scored 11 before being out at first base.

By that time victory seemed likely if the remaining three players could keep scoring and Karen Trippier immediately hit the second of her three rounders.

She went on to finish with 27 before being denned with Nicky Bentley who contributed 18 of her team’s 86 to give Bury victory.