BROWN Cow and Ainsworth A were level at half time and produced the third tied game this season.

Fishpool A remain top with Ramsbottom Ladies just two points behind in Division One with both sides notching victories.

Bury West and St Mary’s C both won to maintain their push for promotion to Division One.

The top four played each other in Division Three, and it is Elton Youth and Warth who are now joint top.

Wins for Radcliffe Borough JFC,Triple Eight and Walshaw move them further away from the others at the top of Division Four.

Ainsworth C edged home against Boots to keep their 100 per cent record in five. Wren's win moves them into second, a point clear of St Mary’s D.

There's no stopping Westbury in Division Six and wins for Elton Vale E, Georgies Angels and Michael Wood Homes means no change at the top.

Clarence Park Ladies remain two points clear of Radcliffe Borough JFC as they pull clear of the others in Division Seven.

Little Miss XI remain unbeaten in Division Eight where the top four all won.

Tomorrow, the over-45 Bury Team meet Bolton at Elton Vale Sports Club at 7pm.

The third round will be played on July 19 at 11am. Please note change of date.

RESULTS Division One: Elton Vale B154 Unsworth CC 87; Roach Ladies 111 St Mary’s A 138; Bury Felt A 109 Fishpool A 184; Ramsbottom Ladies 163 Elton Vale A 121; Brown Cow 108 Ainsworth A 108.

Division Two: Kings 84 Bury West104; Brigadier Lds A139 Redvales 138; Tottington A135 Swan Ladies143; Brocks A87 St Mary’s C 108; St Mary’s B147 Brocks B148.

Division Three: Redvales Derby A84 Warth 104; Elton Youth 142 Limefield 130; Tottington B 104 Tottington C 113; Cricketers Ladies 143 Radcliffe Boro A114; Fishpool B 107 Elton CC174.

Division Four: Man Maccabi216 Peelers93; Triple 8 Ladies159inns Anglo Ladies 147; Walshaw Ladies 201 Ainsworth B 133; Deardens84 MSS 94inns; Rad BoroJFC B 88inns Elton Vale C 63.

Division Five: St Annes 158inns Elton Vale D 117; Sunset Ladies157 Bury Felt B 196; Boots Ladies130 Ainsworth C132; Walshaw SportsJnrs109 St Mary’s D 189inns; Dandler 183 Wren Ladies232.

Division Six: Georgies Angels 158inns Walshaw Sports Club134; MichaelWoodHomes108inns Brocks Jnrs 42; Elton Vale E 304 Redvales Derby B 130; Westbury Rounders176inns All Saints A101; Michael Wood 116inns Walshaw Ladies 64 (replay).

Division Seven: Clarence Park Ladies 272 Walmersley Ladies191; Brigadier Ladies128inns Phoenix Ladies98; Elton Youth B 184 Laundry Room151; Radcliffe Boro JFC C243 Linden Ladies 165.

Division Eight: Little Miss 197inns Chesham Fold Junrs 74; Sunnybank 71 Westdene Lds283; Future 198 Elton Vale Jnrs 234; Elton CC Jnrs176 All Saints B 267.

FIXTURES Pattiman Plate second round (Sunday, July 5, 11am): Westbury or Bury Felt B v Elton CC Junrs; Elton Vale C v Limefield (Elton Vale); Georgies Angels v Anglo Ladies ( Bolton Rd West); Elton Vale A v Linden Ladies (Elton Vale); Peelers or All Saints v St Mary's C; Kings v Ramsbottom Ladies (Ramsbottom pool); Westdene v Sunset Ladies (Close Park ); Brigadier Ladies B v Sawan Ladies (St Pauls).

Division One: Bury Felt A v Elton Vale B (Seedfield K Gibson); Brown Cow v St Mary's A (Newbank S Orzel); Ainsworth A v Fishpool A (Ainsworth Rec D Mathews); Unsworth CC v Ramsbottom Ladies (Unsworth CC B Dobson); Elton Vale B v Roach Ladies (Elton Vale W Smith).

Division Two: Tottington A v Bury West (St John's P F J McKinney); St Mary's B v Redvales (St Mary's H Smith); Brocks XI B v Swan Ladies (Manchester Rd C Nuttall); Kings v St Mary's C (Ramsbottom Pool S Tattersall); Brocks XI A v Brigadier Ladies A (Elton Jnr School H Linklater).

Division Three: Tottington B v Warth (Town Meadow J Bather); Fishpool B v Limefield (Goshen F Jordan); Elton CC v Tottington C (Elton CC A Kempster); Redvales Derby B v Radcliffe Boro A (Newbank C Holt); Cricketers v Elton Youth (ClarencePk G Jebb).

Division Four: Walshaw Ladies v Peelers (Elton Jnr School S Dawson); Radcliffe Boro JFC B v Anglo Ladies (Close Park M McDonald); Elton Vale C v Ainsworth B (Celton Vale J Wiggans); M'cr Maccabi v MSS (M'cr Maccabi Sports Club S Bratt); Deardens v Triple 8 Ladies (King George L Rector).

Division Five: Boots Ladies v Elton Vale D (Clarence Park K Fyles); Dandler v Bury Felt B (Manchester Rd L Roy); Wren Ladies v Ainsworth C (Hoyle's S Rushton); St Annes v St Marys D (St Anne's Sue Platt); Walshaw Juniors v Sunset Ladies (Walshaw Sports J Green).

Division Six: Westbury v Brocks XI Juniors (Barracks ) S Davenport); All Saints A v Exodus (St Joseph's L Crawford) Georgies Angels v Redvales Derby B (Bolton Rd West park C Smith); Elton Vale E v Michael Wood (Elton Vale A Doodson).

Division Seven: Laundry Room v Clarence Park Ladies (Bolton Rd West Park L Chadwick); Brigadier Ladies B v Linden Ladies (St Paul's A Dexter); Elton Youth B v Radcliffe Boro JFC C (Goshen S &F Warren); Phoenix Ladies v Walmersley Ladies (Radcliffe Primary School F Budsworth).

Division Eight: Elton Vale Juniors v Little Miss XI (Elton Vale M Howarth); Sunnybank v All Saints B (Nuttall Park M Davidson); Future XI v Elton CC Juniors (Newbank L Williams); Westdene Ladies v Chesham Fold Juniors (Close Park G Huxley).