THERE was no change at the top of the First Division as the top three all won.

Fishpool A still lead the way after a 157-99 victory over Elton Vale A, and Ramsbottom and Elton Vale B are four points behind after their 163-98 and 88-77 wins against Roach Ladies and Brown Cow respectively.

Bury West are now six points clear at the top of Division Two where a good win for Brocks XI B gave them a chance of avoiding the drop. The top four all won in the Third Division and the top three won in the Fourth, at the bottom of which Peelers look doomed. Above them five teams are tied on 10 points in the tightest of relegation battles.

There was no change at the top of Division Five where the top three all won.

In the Sixth Division, three teams are tied on 16 points behind leaders Westbury.

Clarance Park Ladies and Radcliffe Borough JFC have both secured promotion from Division Seven ahead of this week’s top-of-the-table showdown clash between the two runaway leaders.

Little Miss XI opened up a four-point gap at the top of Division Eight after beating All Saints B.

The Intermediate game against Bolton was cancelled due to bad weather and will be played in August.

The senior team meet Bolton tomorrow at Elton Vale.

Teams are asked to being items for the tombola on gala day to the next meeting.

The monthly meeting will be held tonight at Elton Vale Sports Club at 8.30pm when teams are reminded they must return all cups and shields.

Fixtures Monday Division One: Elton Vale B v Ainsworth A (Elton Vale) (D Mathews); St Mary’s A v EltonVale A (St Mary’s) (Spolverino); Ramsbottom Ladies v Fishpool A (Ramsbottom CC) (WSmith); Unsworth CCv Brown Cow (Unsworth CCH) (Gibson); Bury Felt A v Roach Ladies (Seedfield O) (Greenwood).

Division Two: Bury West v Brocks X1B (EltonJnrSchl) (E Howard); Redvales v BrocksX1 A (Newbank) (J McKinney); Stmary’s C v Swan Ladies (Rad HallSchl) (H Linklater); Kings v StMary’s B (RamsPool) (J Dunne); Tottington A v Brigadier Ladies( St John PF) (Sam Tattersall).

Tuesday Division Three: Warth v Elton CC(King George) (J Bather); Limefield v Cricketers (Goshen) (G Jebb); RadBoro A v Tottington C (Close Park) (C Holt); RedvalesDerbyA v Fishpool B (Newbank ) (J Heaton); Tottington B v Elton Youth(Town Meadow) (S Davenport).

Division Four: Peelers v Elton Vale C (Clarence Park ) (J Wiggins); Anglo Ladies v Deardens (Close Park) (M Milne); MSS v Ainsworth B (GoshenSDawson); M’cr Maccabi v Rad Boro JFC B (M’crMaccabi Sports) (D Jones); Walshaw Ladies v Triple 8 Ladies( EltonJnrschl) (K Hambleton).

Wednesday Division Five: Elton Vale D v Wren Ladies(Elton Vale) (M Lees); Bury Felt B v Walshaw Jnrs (Seedfield) (L Barrass); St Mary’sD v Ainsworth C (St Mary’s) (C McMinn); St Annes v Dandler (St Annes) (I Holt); Boots Ladies v Sunset Ladies (Clarence Park) (LWilliams).

Division Six: Walshaw SC v All Saints A (Walshaw Sports) (H Fairclough); Brocks Jnrs v Elton Vale E(Man Road) (S Warren); Redvales Derby B v Exodus (Newbank) (B Dobson); Georgies Angels v Westbury (Bolton RdWest) (J Carroll); Michael Wood Bye.

Division Seven: Elton Youth B v Clarence Park Ladies (Goshen) (F Budsworth); Walmsley Ladies v Brigadier Ladies B (St Josephs) (H Halligan); Radcliffe Boro JFC C v Laundry Room (Close Park) (S Mcdermid); Phoenix Ladies v Linden Ladies(Rad Primary) (JJones).

Division Eight: Future X1 v Little Miss X1 (Newbank) (LTod); Chesham Fold Jnrs v Sunnybank (Hoyles) (LRoy); Elton CC Jnrs v All Saints B (Close Park) (S Hollands).

Results Division One: Elton Vale B 88 Brown Cow 77; St Mary's A 125 Bury Felt A 118; Fishpool A 157 Elton Vale A 99; Ramsbottom Ladies 163 Roach Ladies 98; Unsworth CC 78 Ainsworth A 144.

Division Two: Bury West 185 St Mary's B 127; Redvales 143 Tottington A 106; Swan Ladies 116 Brocks XI A 162; St Mary's C 66 Brigadier Ladies A 103; Kings 168 Brocks XI B 200.

Division Three: Warth 100inns Fishpool B 91; Limefield 121 Tottington B 77; Tottington C 94 Cricketers 119; Radcliffe Boro A 136 Elton Youth 145; Redvales Derby A 149 Elton CC 72.

Division Four: Peelers 65 Radcliffe Boro JFC B 149inns; Anglo Ladies 85 Walshaw Ladies 96inns; Ainsworth B 131 Deardens 117; MSS 100 Triple 8 Ladies 133inns; M'cr Maccabi 287 Elton Vale C 253.

Division Five: Elton Vale D 206 Dandler 133; Bury Felt B 195 Boots Ladies 128; Ainsworth C 208inns Walshaw Juniors 152; St Marys D 152inns Sunset Ladies 88; St Annes 156 Wren Ladies 201.

Division SIx: Exodus 108 Elton Vale E 259; Redvales Derby B 106 Michael Wood 216; Georgies Angels 193 All Saints A 176.

Division Seven: Clarence Park Ladies 127inns Linden Ladies 109; Radcliffe Boro JFC C 143inns Brigadier Ladies B 96; Elton Youth B 111inns Phoenix Ladies 81; Walmersley Ladies 117 Laundry Room 177.

Division Eight: Little Miss XI 105inns All Saints B 109; Elton CC Juniors 176inns Sunnybank 113; Future XI 116 Westdene Ladies 262inns; Chesham Fold Juniors 74 Elton Vale Juniors 223inns.