Fishpool A closed in on the First Division title when they moved six points clear at the top with a 76-74 victory over Elton Vale B.

Much will depend on the outcome of this week’s clash with joint second-placed Ramsbottom Ladies at Ramsbottom Cricket Club.

At the other end of the table, Roach Ladies finally got their first league victory.

There was no change in Division Two as the top five all won, while in Division Three the chasing pack all lost ground as Elton Youth moved four points clear.

The top three all won in Division Four and Ainsworth C maintained their 100 per cent record in Division Five with Wren Ladies moving into second spot.

Westbury clinched the Division Six title as they maintained their 100 per cent record with a 117-67 victory over Redvales Derby B, and Michael Wood Homes went clear in second place after beating Georgies Angels.

It is neck and neck at the top of Division Seven after Radcliffe Borough JFC narrowly beat an under-strength Clarence Park Ladies.

The top three all won in Division Eight ahead of the vital penultimate round of matches which could define the final standings.

Fixtures Monday, August 3 Division One: St Mary’s A v Elton Vale B (St Mary’s) (K Gibson); Roach Ladies v Fishpool A (Openshaw Park) (S Tattersall); Ainsworth A v Ramsbottom Ladies (Ainsworth Rec) (D Mathews); Unsworth CC V Bury Felt A Unsworth CC H Linklater); EltonVale A v Brown Cow (EltonVale) (E Wghittle).

Division Two: Redvales v Bury West (Newbank) (S Duckworth); Brigadier Ladies A v Swan Ladies (St Pauls) (K Seitbecker); Brocks XI B v St Mary’s C (Man Road) (B Hilton); Kings V Tottington A (Ramsbottom) (Pool); Brocks XI A v St Mary’s B (Elton Jnr Schl) (S Orzel) Tuesday, August 4 Division Three: Limefield v Warth (Goshen) (L Sleight); Elton Youth v Tottington C (Newbank) (M McDonald); Elton CC v Radcliffe Boro A (Elton CC) (D Cuddy); Redvales Derby A v Tottington B (Newbank) (M McDougall); Cricketers v Fishpool B (Clarence Park) (S Kenpster).

Division Four: Anglo Ladies v Peelers (Close Park A Jebb);Triple 8 Ladies v Ainsworth B (RadcliffeCC) (A Dexter); Elton Vale C v MSS (EltonVale) (K Bentley); M’cr Maccabi v Walshaw Ladies (M’cr Maccabi Sports); Deardens v Radcliffe Boro JFCB (King George) (S Davenport).

Wednesday, August 5 Division Five: Bury Felt B v Elton Vale D (Seedfield) (C Gibbons); Sunset Ladies v Ainsworth C (Close Park) (Sue Platt); Wren Ladies v St Mary’s D (Hoyles) (L Crawford); St Annes v Boots Ladies (St Annes) (C Smith); Walshaw Jnrs v Dandler (Walshaw Sports) (K Chadwick).

Division Six: Brocks XI Jnrs v Walshaw SC (Man Road) (J Green); Michael Wood v Exodus (St Johns Field) (S Davenport); Elton Vale E v Westbury (EltonVale) (M Davidson).

Division Seven: Clarence Park Ladies v Brigadier Ladies (Clarence Pk) (M Howarth); Elton Youth B v Walmsley Ladies (Goshen) (L Cowgill ); Radcliffe Boro JFC C v Phoenix Ladies (Close Park) (D Jones); Laundry Room v Linden Ladies Bolton Rd West) (L Roy).

Division Eight: Little Miss XI v Sunnybank (Close Park) (J Warner); Chesham Fold Jnrs v Future XI (Hoyle’s) (L Williams); Elton CC Jnrs, v Westdene Ladies (Elton CC) (I Holt); Elton Vale Jnrs v All Saints B (Elton Vale) (H Fairclough).

Pattiman Plate semi-finals will be held at Elton Vale Sports club on Sunday August 9 at 11am.

Results Monday, July 20 Division One: Fishpool A 76inns Elton Vale B 74; Ainsworth A 84 St Mary’s A 144; Brown Cow 169inns Ramsbottom Ladies 135; Roach Ladies 146 Unsworth CC 133; Elton Vale A 156 Bury Felt A 74.

Division Two: Swan Ladies 140 Bury West 232; Brocks XI B 154 Redvales 194; St Mary’s B 108 St Mary's C 154; Brigadier Ladies A 77 Kings 149inns; Brocks XI A 90 Tottington A 73.

Tuesday, July 21 Division Three: Tottington C 200 Warth 128; Elton CC 159inns Limefield 138; Fishpool B 134 Radcliffe Boro A 110; Elton Youth 143 Redvales Derby A 135; Cricketers 124 Tottington B 112.

Division Four: Ainsworth B 129dec Peelers 114; Elton Vale C 230 Anglo Ladies 248inns; Radcliffe Boro JFC B 315 MSS 130; Triple 8 Ladies 220 M’cr Maccabi 118; Deardens 114 Walshaw Ladies 176.

Wednesday, July 22 Division Five: Ainsworth C 199 Elton Vale D 122; Wren Ladies 95 Bury Felt B 59; Dandler 145 St Marys D 129; Sunset Ladies St Annes; Walshaw Juniors 73 Boots Ladies 294inns.

Division Six: Exodus 147inns Walshaw SC 142; All Saints A 237 Brocks XI Juniors 180; Westbury 117 Redvales Derby B 67; Michael Wood 95inns Georgies Angels 53; Walshaw Sports Club 65 Westbury 283inns.

Division Seven: Clarence Park Ladies 129 Rad Boro JFC C 144; Brigadier Ladies B 119 Elton Youth B 111.

Division Eight: Little Miss XI 160inns Elton CC Juniors 95; Sunnybank 224 Future XI 214; All Saints B 232 Chesham Fold Juniors 72; Elton Vale Juniors 239 Westdene Ladies 377.