FISHPOOL A completed their dominance of the First Division when they clinched the title with two games remaining.

The unstoppable ladies are six points clear of second-placed Elton Vale B after the latest in their long line of victories at Roach Ladies.

The runners-up spot is likely to be decided when Elton Vale B meet Ramsbottom Ladies on Monday night, two teams with only two points separating them ahead of the showdown.

Bury West had already clinched Division Two but second place is still up for grabs. St Mary’s C edged above Redvales ahead of this week’s clash at Radcliffe Hall.

Wins for Swan A and Tottington A kept alive their hopes of avoiding the drop.

In Division Three, Elton Youth are a point away from becoming champions and Warth’s victory over Limefield makes them favourite for second place.

Radcliffe Borough JFC still top Division Four and Triple 8 are now clear in second. Wins for Maccabi and MSS eased their relegation fears.

In Division Five, Wren’s victory over St Marys D secured runners-up spot behind unbeaten Ainsworth C.

Westbury’s narrow win against Elton Vale E allowed Michael Wood Homes to go second in Division Six, and All Saints A beat Redvales Derby B to give themselves a chance of avoiding the drop.

Division Seven is now settled with the winners being Radcliffe Borough JFC, runners-up Clarence Park Ladies and the bottom two, Linden Ladies and Phoenix.

Little Miss XI completed their Division Eight campaign with a 100 per cent record. A play-off between All Saints B and Westdene will decide second place.

The Over-60s game against Bolton will take place on Sunday at Darcy Lever Cricket Club at 11am.

The gala day has been put back to August 23, at Elton Vale Sports Club. Teams register at 10.30am, first match at 11am.

Results Division One: St Mary’s A 108 Elton Vale B 181; Roach Ladies 58 Fishpool A 86inns; Ainsworth A 106 Ramsbottom Ladies 169; Unsworth CC 185 Bury Felt A 141; Elton Vale A 136 Brown Cow 116.

Division Two: Redvales 112 Bury West 140; Brigadier Ladies A 61 Swan Ladies 73; Brocks XI B 95 St Mary’s C 147inns; Kings 129 Tottington A 163; Brocks XI A 81 St Mary’s B 64.

Division Three: Limefield 67 Warth 74; Elton Youth 188 Tottington C 152; Elton CC 196 Radcliffe Boro A 141; Redvales Derby A 72 Tottington B 143; Cricketers 109 Fishpool B 113.

Division Four: Anglo Ladies 204 Peelers 120; Triple 8 Ladies 298 Ainsworth B 247; Elton Vale C 206 MSS 350; M’cr Maccabi 156 Walshaw Ladies 130; Deardens 62 Radcliffe Boro JFC B 141inns; M’cr Maccabi 78 Radcliffe Boro JFC B 262(replay); Peelers 165 Elton Vale C 156 (replay).

Division Five: Bury Felt B 162 Elton Vale D212; Sunset Ladies 127 Ainsworth C 176dec; Wren Ladies 167 St Mary’s D 118; St Annes 139inns Boots Ladies 104; Walshaw Jnrs 141 Dandler 142inns.

Division Six: Brocks XI Jnrs 400 Walshaw SC 180; Michael Wood 177 Exodus 151; All Saints A 337 Redvales Derby B 223; Elton Vale E 129 Westbury 130; Georgies Angels Bye.

Division Seven: Clarence Park Ladies 138 Brigadier Ladies 87; Elton Youth B 157 Walmsley Ladies 161; Radcliffe Boro JFC C 186inns Phoenix Ladies 104; Laundry Room 168 Linden Ladies 109; Division Eight: Little Miss XI 249inns Sunnybank 83; Chesham Fold Jnrs 193 Future XI 247inns; Elton CC Jnrs 147 Westdene Ladies 240inns; Elton Vale Jnrs 115 All Saints B 182.

Fixtures Monday Division One: Ramsbottom Ladies v Elton Vale B (Ramsbottom CC S Tattersall); St Mary’s A v Fishpool A (St Mary’s D Mathews); Bury Felt A v Ainsworth A (Seedfield W Smith); Elton Vale A v Unsworth CC (Elton Vale H Linklater); Roach Ladies v Brown Cow (Openshaw Park J McKinney) Division Two: St Mary’s C v Bury West (Rad Hall Schl B Dobson); Redvales V Swan Ladies (Newbank C Nuttall); Tottington A v Brocks X1 B (St Johns P Field V Calderley); Brocks X1 A v Kings Elton Jnr Schl EHoward); Brigadier Ladies A v St Mary’s B ( St Pauls V Spolverino) Tuesday Division Three: Rad Boro A v Warth (Close Park S Davenport); Limefield v Tottington C (Goshen J Heaton); Tottington B v Elton CC ( (Town Meadow J Pilkington); Cricketers V Redvales Derby A ( Clarence Park B Holton); Elton Youth VFishpool B (Newbank Kath Bentley) Division Four: M S S v Peelers (Goshen K Smith); Anglo Ladies v Ainsworth B (Close Park C Roberts); Walshaw Ladies v Elton Vale C ( Elton Jnr School J Wiggans); Deardens v M‘cr Maccabi (King George M Herod); Triple 8 Ladies v Radcliffe Boro JFC B ( Rad CC H Smith ) Wednesday Division Five: St Mary’s D v Elton Vale D (St Mary’s G Huxley); Bury Felt B v Ainsworth C (Seedfield L Williams); Boots Ladies v Wren Ladies ( Clarence Park H Halligan); Walshaw Ladies v St Annes (Walshaw Sports J Riley); Sunset Ladies v Dandler (Close Park F Budsworth) Division Six: Redvales Derby B v Walshaw Sports (Newbank J Jones); Brocks Jnrs V Exodus (Man Road F Wood); Elton Vale E v Georgies Angels ( Elton Vale B Hilton); Michael Wood v Westbury (St Johns Field S Warren); Bye All Saints.