BURY and District Ladies veterans team beat Bolton 243-205 in the opening interleague game at Little Lever Cricket Club.

This week the juniors open their interleague programme.

Intermediate team: Kate Tod (captain), Jenni Hastie, Natalie Simms, Claire O’Reilly, Catherine O’Reilly, Ellis Kilcoyne, Hayley Nelson, Emma Howard, Cheryl Greenwood, Katie Rector, Nicola Ryan and Danielle Vickers.

From May 12 onwards Radcliffe Borough B, C and D will be playing at the Riverside School Spring Lane Radcliffe.

Please be advised that the date for the seniors interleague match has been changed from June 18 to 25 at Darcy Lever Cricket Club.

The over-60s match will be on Sunday, July 11, at 11am at Elton Vale.

The over-45s match will now take place on Thursday, July 1, at Elton Vale. Ring Margaret McDougall with all scores on 0161 761 6617 or 07545 375713 before 10pm on matchdays.

Results Division One: Elton Vale B 252 Brown Cow 93, Ramsbottom Ladies 82 Unsworth Cricket Club 120, Bury West 59 Fishpool A 179 (I), Ainsworth A 127 St Mary’s A 139.

Division Two: Roach Ladies 213 Warth 182, Swan Ladies 118 Bury Felt A 129, Elton Youth 116 Redvales 145 (I), Kings XI 239 Brigadier Lds A 175, Tottington A 57 Brocks XI A 93 (I).

Divison Three: Elton Cricket Club 89 St Mary’s B 114 (I), Triple 8 299 Redvales Derby A 230, Tottington C 79 Radcliffe Boro B 97 (I), Limefield 148 Brocks XI B 169, Cricketers 101 Radcliffe Boro A 169.

Division Four: Deardens 273 Ainsworth B 327, Ainsworth C 181 M.S.S 236, St Mary's E 251 Walshaw Ladies 251, Fishpool B 169 Wren Ladies 185, Man Maccabi 126 Tottington B 155.

Division Five: St Mary’s D 99 Westbury 172, Dandler 98 Boots Ladies 151 (I), Bury Felt B 173 Elton Vale D 131, Elton Vale C 185 Seedfield Ladies 164, Tottington St Johns 212 St Annes 209.

Division Six: Exodus 141 (I) Bluebury Ladies 128, All Saints A 144 Georgie’s Angels 208, Elton Vale E 235 (I) Mandy’s Girls 66, Brocks XI C 258 (I) Sunset Ladies 139, Clarence Ladies 153 Radcliffe Boro C 125.

Division Seven: Redvales Derby B 192 Walshaw S C 156, Fishpool C 127 (I) Elton Youth B 47, Laundry Room 176 Walmersley Lds 128, Brigadier Ladies B 181 All Saints B 86.

Division Eight: Future XI 221 (I) Chesham Fold Jun 167, Elton Cricket Club Juniors 158 Elton Vale Juniors 228, Sunnybank 187 Radcliffe Boro D 250, Walshaw Juniors 218 Phoenix Ladies 265 (I), Westdene 264 CW 11 161.

Fixtures Today Division One: Brown Cow v Ramsbottom Lds (D Matthews), Elton Vale B v St Mary’s C (E Whittle), Unsworth CC v Fishpool A (S Davenport), Ainsworth A v BYE, Bury West v St Mary’s A (S Tattersall).

Division Two: Warth v Swan Ladies (E Howard), Roach Ladies v Elton Youth (A Edyvean), Bury Felt A v Kings XI (M Milne), Redvales v Tottington A (B Dobson), Brigadier Ladies A v Brocks XI A (W Smith).