BURY’S lead in the inter-league series with Bolton was cut to 2-1 as the Intermediate team was outclassed.

Bury featured four players who had not played inter-league rounders before and they were never in the game, going down to an innings defeat at Darcy Lever.

The third of the inter-league games turned out to be the total opposite of the juniors’ game the previous week.

It was a much faster match with players from both sides playing a riskier game.

In the first innings, Bury quickly dismissed three players and two more soon followed. But the remaining six Bolton players managed to stay in longer to finish with a respectable score of 105.

In almost a repeat of the Bolton innings, four Bury players were dismissed early, scoring just seven between them.

The excellent fielding, particularly the catching skills of Bolton, saw the remaining players soon dismissed, with a top score of just 10 from Hayley Nelson which took Bury to an innings total of 55.

Bury had to follow on and, once again, excellent catching saw them all out for just 47. Emma Howard top scored with 13.

That took Bury to a match total of 102, which left them three points short of Bolton’s single-innings total.

Manager Margaret McDougall had no complaints with the result, but believed nerves may have been a factor in her side’s performance.

She said: “The best team definitely won on the day. Bolton batted and fielded extremely well.

“We had four new players in the side who had never played inter-league before, and there were a lot of people watching, and I think nerves played a part.

“We can play a lot better than we did and, hopefully, we will do when we play the reverse fixture at Elton Vale.”

The next interleague match in the series will be between the seniors and will be held at Darcy Lever on Friday, June 25.

Results Ashworth Cup second round: Fishpool A 76 (I) v Elton Vale B 76, Elton Youth 118 v Ramsbottom Ladies 228, St Mary's A 165 v Ainsworth A 194, Brocks XI A 91 v Brown Cow 139.

Orr Shield second round: Radcliffe Borough B 222 v Cricketers Ladies 113, Tottington C 172 v Elton CC 89, Wren Ladies 134 v St Mary's B 134, MSS 98 v Radcliffe Borough A 133.

Division One: St Mary’s C 152 Brown Cow 148, Fishpool A 173 (I) Ramsbottom Ladies 66, Ainsworth A 137 Elton Vale B 275, St Mary’s A 137 Unsworth CC 122, bye Bury West.

Division Two: Elton Youth 173 Warth 195, Tottington A 133 Roach Ladies 213, Brocks XI A 101 Bury Felt A 95, Brigadier Ladies A 102 Redvales 158 (I).

Division Three: Limefield 127 Triple8 238, Cricketers 178 Elton CC 110, Radcliffe Borough A 142 Redvales Derby A 139, Brocks XI B 117 Radcliffe Borough B 170 (I).

Division Four: St Mary's E 311 Ainsworth B 179, Ainsworth C 138 Fishpool B 97, Manchester Maccabi 170 Deardens 276, MSS 120 Tottington B 115, Wren Ladies 114 Walshaw Ladies 160.

Division Five: Bury Felt B 111 Westbury 129 (I), Dandler 70 Elton Vale C 167 (I), St Mary’s D 164 Tottington St Johns 204, St Annes 155 Boots Ladies 191, Elton Vale D 316 Seedfield Ladies 216.

Division Six: Elton Vale E 222 (I) Bluebury Ladies 104, Brocks XI C 307 All Saints A 346, Clarence Ladies 242 Exodus 188, Radcliffe Borough C 134 Georgie’s Angels 166, Sunset Ladies 197 Mandy’s Girls 185.

Division Seven: Walshaw Sports Club 160 Laundry Room 169 (I), Brigadier Lds B 64 Fishpool C 76 (I), Little Miss XI 120 Red Derby B 136, Greenmount Ladies 302 Elton Youth B 194, All Saints B 145 (I) Walmersley Lds 142.

Division Eight: Elton CC Juniors 265 (I) Walshaw Juniors 168, Future XI 309 CW 11 225, Sunnybank 132 Phoenix Ladies 248, Radcliffe Boro D 207 Chesham Fold Juniors 125, Westdene 120 Elton Vale Jun 189.

Fixtures Today Abbott Cup second round: Radcliffe Borough C v Tottington St John's, St Mary's D v Seedfield Ladies, All Saints A v Westbury, Exodus v Elton Vale D.

Lomax Cup second round: Laundry Room v Pheonix Ladies, Elton Vale Juniors v Elton Youth B, Little Miss XI v Redvales Derby B, Fishpool C v Brigadier Ladies B.

Monday Ainsworth A v Brown Cow; St Mary’s A v Fishpool A, Bury West v St Mary’s C, BYE Ramsbottom Lds, Unsworth CC v Elton Vale B, Tottington A v Warth Kings XI, Brocks XI A v Elton Youth, Brigadier Lads A v Redvales, Swan Ladies v Bury Felt A, Roach Ladies.

Tuesday Cricketers v St Mary’s B, Radcliffe Boro A v Limefield v Brock XI B, Tottington C v Radcliffe Boro B, Triple 8 v Red Derby A, Elton CC v Man Maccabi, Ainsworth B v Tottington, Fishpool B v Wren Ladies, St Mary's E v Ainsworth C, Walshaw Ladies v MSS Deardens, Tott St Johns v Westbury, St Annes v Elton Vale C, Seedfield Ladies v Bury Felt B, Elton Vale D v Dandler, St Marys D v Boots Ladies.

Wednesday Clarence Ladies v Bluebury Ladies, Radcliffe Boro C v Brocks XI C, Sunset Ladies v Elton Vale E, Mandy’s Girls v All Saints A, Georgie’s Angels v Exodus, Little Miss X v Walshaw SC, Greenmount Lds v Brigadier Lads B, All Saints B v Laundry Room, Walm Ladies v Fishpool C, Elton Youth B v Red Derby B, Walshaw Juniors v Sunnybank, Radcliffe Boro D v CW 11, Westdene v Elton CC Jun, Elton Vale Juniors v Future XI, Che Fold Juniors v Phoenix Ladies.