THE next league meeting will be held at Elton Vale Sports Club tonight at 8.30pm.

The next match in the Interleague programme will be held at Darcy Lever Cricket Club tomorrow at 7pm where the Bury Senior Interleague team take on Bolton.

Abbott Cup Second Round: Radcliffe Borough C 122 Tottington St John's 122, St Mary's D 119 Seedfield Ladies 270, All Saints A 136 Westbury 138, Exodus 212 Elton Vale D 167.

Lomax Cup Second Round: Laundry Room 190 Pheonix Ladies 140, Elton Vale Juniors 211 (I) Elton Youth B 190, Little Miss XI 204 Redvales Derby B 222, Fishpool C 119 (I) Brigadier Ladies B 97.

Division One: Brown Cow 75 Fishpool A 139 (I), St Mary’s C 74 Ainsworth A 93, Ramsbottom Ladies 155 St Mary’s A 111, Elton Vale B 146 Bury West 39.

Division Two: Warth 165 (I) King XI 55, Elton Youth 198 Tottington A 81, Brocks XI A 194 Swan Ladies 133, Roach Ladies 218 Brigadier Ladies A 73, Bury Felt A 194 Redvales 143.

Division Three: Limefield 101 St Mary’s B 167, Cricketers 114 Tottington C 161, Triple 8 96 Radcliffe Borough A 177, Elton Cricket Club 230 Brocks XI B 172, Redvales Derby A 75 Radcliffe Borough B 76 (I).

Division Four: Ainsworth B 122 Fishpool B 206, St Mary's E 151 (I) Manchester Maccabi 127, Tottington B 51 Ainsworth C 85 (I), Deardens 146 Wren Ladies 167, MSS 179 Walshaw Ladies 139.

Division Five: Westbury 142 Elton Vale C 138, Tottington St Johns 259 Bury Felt B 230, Dandler 108 St Annes 171, St Mary’s D 147 Seedfield Ladies 187, Elton Vale D 212 Boots Ladies 194.

Division Six: Bluebury Ladies 219 Brocks XI C 196, Elton Vale E 234 Clarence Ladies 203, All Saints A 143 Radcliffe Borough C 180, Exodus 182 (I) Sunset Ladies 71, Mandy’s Girls 69 Georgie’s Angels 85 (I).

Division Seven: Brigadier Ladies B 121 (I) Walshaw Sports Club 110, Laundry Room 304 Little Miss XI 192, Greenmount Ladies 122 Fishpool C 142, Redvales Derby B 286 All Saints B 201, Elton Youth B 287 Walmersley Ladies 335.

Division Eight: Walshaw Juniors 310 CW 11 281, Elton Cricket Club Juniors 180 Sunnybank 122, Future XI 173 Radcliffe Boro D 384, Phoenix Ladies 124 Westdene 159, Chesham Fold Juniors 127 Elton Vale Juniors 179 (I).

Monday Division One: Brown Cow v St Mary’s A, Ainsworth A v Bury West, BYE v Fishpool A, St Mary’s C v Unsworth Cricket Club, Elton Vale B v Ramsbottom.

Division Two: Brocks XI A v Warth, Tottington A v Brigadier Ladies A, Kings XI v Redvales, Bury Felt A v Elton Youth, Swan Ladies v Roach Ladies.

Tuesday Division Three: St Mary’s B v Radcliffe Borough A, Cricketers v Brocks XI B, Limefield v Radcliffe Borough B, Tottington C v Redvales Derby A, Triple 8 v Elton Cricket Club.

Division Four: Ainsworth B v Tottington B, Manchester Maccabi v Wren Ladies, Fishpool B v Walshaw Ladies, St Mary's E v M.S.S, Deardens v Ainsworth C.

Division Five: Westbury v St Annes, Seedfield Ladies v Tottington St Johns, Elton Vale C v Elton Vale D, Bury Felt B v Boots Ladies, Dandler v St Marys D.

Wednesday Division Six: Bluebury Ladies v Radcliffe Borough C, Clarence Ladies v Sunset Ladies, Brocks XI C v Mandy’s Girls, Elton Vale E v Georgie’s Angels, All Saints A v Exodus.

Division Seven: Walshaw Sports Club v Greenmount Ladies, Little Miss XI v All Saints B, Brigadier Ladies B v Walmersley Ladies, Laundry Room v Elton Youth B, Fishpool C v Revales Derby B.

Division Eight: Walshaw Ladies v Radcliffe Boro D, Sunnybank v Westdene, C.W. 11 v Elton Vale Juniors, Elton Cricket Club Juniors v Chesham Fold Juniors, Future XI v Phoenix.