THERE has been a change at the top of the Bury Billiards League as Elton Liberal Club A, took over from Queensway Snooker Club, who slipped into joint second place with Seedfield Bowling Club. Prestwich Con Club and Bury Snooker Club share fourth and fifth position with Tottington Con Club and Norman’s Snooker Club just a point behind them.

Probably the most exciting match of the evening was that at Norman’s Snooker. Arron Davies had breaks of 43 and 49 in the thrashing of I Belgin in the opener, James Fletcher had a break of 36 in the second while Trevor Smith failed to wipe off the negative handicap and consequently lost by 131. Trevor Burns completed the evening with a run of 44 in the final game with Bury Snooker won the game 3-2.