LAST Wednesday saw the start of the cup competitions in the Bury Snooker League.

In the Arthur Dykes competition, Ian Martin was the star man of the night with a 128-37 win for Tottington D, which included breaks of 48 and 70 unfinished. Ashley Spencer won the last frame 76-42 for Fishpool Lib but Tottington had 87 points in hand at the end of the evening.

Walmersley Con won all four frames at Heaton Park Social Club, C Johnson was in fine form with a 79-19 win in the third frame. Bury Bridge also won all four games against Buchanans SSC B and ended the night with a winning margin of 151 points.

Seedfield Bowling A entertained Radcliffe Central B. Danny Morgan won the second frame for the bowling club 89-54 and this was enough for them to progress into round two. Elton Lib D never looked back after Brian Skelly’s 68-13 win against Salisbury Con.

Both away teams won in the Radcliffe derbies. Central C had Pete Rathor to thank for his first frame 94-30 win before Danny Tiddy put Central A back into the match with a 38 point win in the second frame but Keegan Cubbins won the final frame of the evening for the C team.

Radcliffe Central D won the first three frames against Central E and had a 21 point lead going into the final game, but Tony Greenhalgh hit top form taking the frame for 78-12 for the E team.

Huntley Con C ran out easy winners at Bury Snooker C Dominic McNabb being the best winner on the night winning the last frame 69-9. Huntley A were on top after Colin Jones 93-30 win at Bury Snooker D but the home side hit back through Mark Turner’s 24 point win and Sal Amin winning the last frame 68-26.

Radcliffe St Mary’s were well beaten at home to Stanley Con who won all 4 frames. Steve Platt’s 80-29 and Chris Purslove’s 80-63 saw Elton Lib C defeat Buchanans SSC A. Huntley B beat Seedfield B 228-182, Pete Wittingham winning the second frame 68-28. Walshaw B beat Tottington B on the pink ball in the final frame.

Mick Burdaky won the final frame for Whitefield Bowling Club this being just enough to edge out Walshaw Con A. Paul Taylor had a great win, which included a break of 75, which was the biggest break of the night. Elton Lib B beat Elton Lib A. Centuries: I Martin Tottington D 128. Breaks: P Taylor Walshaw A 75, I Martin Tottington 70, 48, A Spencer Fishpool 26.

Results Arthur Dykes Knockout competition (4 frame aggregate) 1st Rd: Bury Snooker B Bye, Bury Snooker D 240 Huntley Con A 220, Elton Lib B bt Elton Lib A , Elton Lib C 270 Buchanans SSC A 214, Radcliffe Central A 201 Radcliffe Central C 246, Radcliffe Central D 183 Radcliffe Central E 228, Elton Lib D 243 Salisbury Con 155, Bury snooker C 171 Huntley Con C 255, Seedfield Bowling A 254 Radcliffe Central B 210, Heaton Park SC 179 Walmersley Con 292, Radcliffe St Mary’s bt Stanley Con, Walshaw Con A bt Whitefield B C, Bury Bridge WMC 273 Buchanans SSC B 142, Seedfield Bowling Club B 182 Huntley B 228, Walshaw Con B bt Tottington Con B.