Bury Snooker Club had a great night in the John Spencer knockout competition with all three teams recording home wins.

The C team had the best victory on the night, winning 3-0 against Elton Lib C with Paul Jones winning the third frame 100-64. The D team beat Stanley Con 3-1. The B team were involved in a much tighter match when they just managed to edge out Walmersley Con in the deciding frame.

Radcliffe Central C won all three frames at home to Salisbury Con, Keegan Cubbins cleared from the green to win the match on the black. Radcliffe Central A won 3-2 against Central D. Paul Gallagher won the final frame for the A team. Tottington D won 3-1 at Radcliffe Central B, Ryan Joyce recorded breaks of 43 and 35 unfinised.

Both Walshaw Con teams made it into round two with 3-2 wins, the A team beat A section Huntley Con A. Paul Christie 70-45 win in the deciding frame saw the B team home against Tottington B.

Buchanans SSC sides had mixed fortunes, the B team beat Elton Lib D 3-1, but the A were well beaten by Elton Lib B. Sam Thompson and Simon Fitzsimmons both scored centuries for Fishpool Lib, they went onto beat Huntley B 3-0.

Both Seedfield Bowling Club sides had easy wins; the A team beat Bury Bridge WMC 3-0. The B team beat Huntley C 3-1.

Radcliffe Central E won 3-2 at Whitefield Bowling Club, Tony Greenhalgh yet again hitting form with a 55-35 final frame win. The comeback of the night was made by Elton Lib A who found themselves 2-0 down at home to Radcliffe St Mary’s, they hit back taking the last three frames.

There will be a delegates meeting at Bury Bridge WMC on Thursday, November 21, 8pm.