CHAMPIONS Fishpool put table toppers Tottington D to the sword as the programme returned to league action after three weeks of cup action.

In the match of the week in the Irwell Street Metals A Section, hosts Fishpool were 3-1 up after four frames before Andy Rhodes sealed frame and effectively the match with an excellent 82 break, the highest in the league this season.

Paul Taylor completed proceedings for the home side in a fine 7-1 win which sent rivals Whitefield to the top of the table, thanks to their 6-2 home defeat of Elton Lib C.

Radcliffe Central A produced a great performance to beat Elton Lib D 8-1.

Radcliffe’s Glen Exton and Chris Taylor played particularly well. The D side will be hoping for a change in fortunes in the coming weeks as they seek their first win of the season.

Buchanans A also turned in an impressive showing, taking down Bury Snooker D 7-1.

In the Cornucopia Cards and Gifts B Section’s battle of Bury Snooker B and C, it was the B team – last season’s B Section runners up – who prevailed, 6-2, in a tough battle as Jay Horrocks was the star performer.

Salisbury A got themselves back on track after defeat in their last league match, with a terrific win at Stanley. Jimmy Morrison got the visitors off to the perfect start, which set the tone for the rest of the night. Meanwhile, last year’s C section champions Buchanans B comfortably overcame the other Salisbury side 8-1. The Ramsbottom side now sit proudly on top of the division, looking for back-to- back promotions.

In the Bury Minibus Hire C Section, Radcliffe Central C won a very close encounter with club rivals B team to consolidate top spot.

Walshaw and Huntley C maintained the pressure with wins. Walshaw had a fine 8-1 win at Tottington B, Paul Taylor playing well, with a 41 break to boot. Huntley C met a battling Bury Bridge side in a close encounter.

A fine win for Jay Rylance set up a thrilling final frame decider, in which Bury Bridge’s Paul Gill secured the frame by seven points, and the match by just three.


Snooker A Section: Elton Liberal Club A 3 Elton Liberal Club B 6, Buchanans SSC A 7 Bury Snooker D 1, Whitefield Snooker B 6 Elton Liberal Club C 2, Elton Liberal Club D 1 Radcliffe Central A 8, Fishpool Liberal Club 7 Tottington Con D 1.

B Section: Bury Snooker B 6 Bury Snooker C 2, Seedfield BC A 2 Huntley Unionist A 7, Stanley Con 1 Salisbury Con A 8, Salisbury Con B 1 Buchanans SSC B 8.

C Section: Bury Bridge WMC 2 Huntley Unionist C 7, Radcliffe Central B 3 Radcliffe Central C 6, Tottington Con B 1 Walshaw Con 8, Whitefield BC 7 Seedfield BC B 1, Huntley Unionist B 1 Whitefield Snooker A 8.

Dominoes A Section: Elton Liberal Club A 4 Elton Liberal Club B, Buchanans SSC A 4 Bury Snooker D 1, Whitefield Snooker B 4 Elton Liberal Club C 1, Elton Liberal Club D 5 Radcliffe Central A 0, Fishpool Liberal Club 1 Tottington Con D 4.

B Section: Bury Snooker B 2 Bury Snooker C 3, Seedfield BC A 4 Huntley Unionist A 1, Stanley Con 4 Salisbury Con A 1, Salisbury Con B 3 Buchanans SSC B 2.

C Section: Bury Bridge WMC 4 Huntley Unionist C 1, Radcliffe Central B 1 Radcliffe Central C 4, Tottington Con B 1 Walshaw Con 4, Whitefield BC 1 Seedfield BC B 4, Huntley Unionist B 4 Whitefield Snooker A 1.

Fixtures November 30 A Section: Elton Liberal Club A v Tottington Con D, Buchanans SSC A v Radcliffe Central A, Whitefield Snooker B v Elton Liberal Club B, Elton Liberal Club C v Bury Snooker D, Fishpool Liberal Club v Elton Liberal Club D.

B Section: Bury Snooker B v Tottington Con A, Seedfield BC A v Buchanans SSC B, Stanley Con v Bury Snooker C, Salisbury Con A v Huntley Unionist A, Radcliffe Central D v Salisbury Con B.

C Section: Bury Bridge WMC v Whitefield Snooker A, Radcliffe Central B v Seedfield BC B, Tottington Con B v Huntley Unionist C, Walshaw Con v Radcliffe Central C, Huntley Unionist B v Whitefield BC.

Late Registrations Elton Lib D Ian Martin -29, Radcliffe Central C Keegan Cubbins 40, Whitefield Bowling Rob Burdaky 50, Gary Duncan 35, Harry Bridge 50, George Channon 50, Gary Owen 50. Elton Lib B Phil Colinson 45, Sewell Quereshi 45. Elton Lib D John Allen 1. Radcliffe Central Mike Hill 35.

Breaks: Andy Rhodes 82 (Fishpool Lib), Paul Taylor 41 (Walshaw), Seamus King 38 (Elton Lib D), Simon Fitzsimmons 34 (Fishpool Lib), Kev Bogden 25 (Bury Snooker C).

Centuries: Andy Rhodes 120 (Fishpool Lib), James Hampson 111 (Bury Bridge), Paul Taylor 104 (Walshaw), Tony Burns 100 (Bury Snooker C).