Bury & District Open League

RADCLIFFE Central C maintained their 100 per cent record in Bury Minibus Hire Section C with a 5-3 home win against Tottington B.

The result was not as close as the frame scores would suggest with the home side winning by 100 points, largely due to a big win by Les Eckersley.

Walshaw kept the pressure on the top team with a fine 7-1 home win over Huntley B. Huntley C also remain in the hunt with another 7-1 victory over Radcliffe Central B, which featured a fine performance by Chris Berry.

The big game in the Cornucopia Cards and Gifts B Section was the clash between Buchanans B and Bury Snooker B – a match which brought a change at the top of the league.

Buchanans started the day in top spot, three points ahead of their opponents, but Tony Baker got the visitors off to a flyer, winning his frame by 45 points, and Jordan Harvey and Paul Heywood maintained the momentum. Jay Horrocks put the match beyond doubt winning his frame in fine style before the final frames were shared, putting Bury Snooker in pole position.

Salisbury A won a close encounter with Radcliffe Central D to maintain their own promotion hopes while, at the other end of the table, Salisbury B took the spoils in what could prove an important match at Tottington A.

Salisbury have a game in hand over the teams above them and will now look to push on following the victory against their fellow strugglers.

In the Irwell Street Metals A Section, Whitefield B maintained their recent form to stay top of the pile following a 7-2 win at Bury Snooker D.

The top performer was Imran Nisar, who claimed his first league win.

Tottington D maintained the pressure at the top, with Oliver Barlow giving another fine display, winning his sixth consecutive league match with a 37 break Fishpool won at Elton Lib C to keep it tight at the top of the table.

The next delegates meeting will be held on December 15, at Bury Bridge WMC. All clubs must attend.

More details on the league’s website at www.burysnookerleague.org.uk.


Snooker A Section: Elton Liberal Club C 2 Fishpool Liberal Club 7, Bury Snooker D 2 Whitefield Snooker B 7, Elton Liberal Club B 2 Buchanans SSC A 7, Radcliffe Central A 7 Elton Liberal Club A 1, Tottington Con D 6 Elton Liberal Club D 2.

B Section: Salisbury Con A 5 Radcliffe Central D 3, Huntley Unionist A 3 Stanley Con 6, Bury Snooker C 5 Seedfield BC A 3, Buchanans SSC B 1 Bury Snooker B 8, Tottington Con A 2 Salisbury Con B 7.

C Section: Walshaw Con 7 Huntley Unionist B 1, Radcliffe Central C 5 Tottington Con B 3, Huntley Unionist C 7 Radcliffe Central B 1, Seedfield BC B 5 Bury Bridge WMC 3, Whitefield Snooker A 5 Whitefield BC 3.

Late Result: Radcliffe Central D 6 Tottington Con A 2.

Dominoes A Section: Elton Liberal Club C 0 Fishpool Liberal Club 5, Bury Snooker D 1 Whitefield Snooker B 4, Elton Liberal Club B 2 Buchanans SSC A 3, Radcliffe Central A 4 Elton Liberal Club A 1, Tottington Con D 1 Elton Liberal Club D 4.

B Section: Salisbury Con A 1 Radcliffe Central D 4, Huntley Unionist A 4 Stanley Con 1, Bury Snooker C 3 Seedfield BC A 2, Buchanans SSC B 5 Bury Snooker B 0, Tottington Con A 0 Salisbury Con B 5.

C Section: Walshaw Con 1 Huntley Unionist B 4, Radcliffe Central C 4 Tottington Con B 1, Huntley Unionist C 1 Radcliffe Central B 4, Seedfield BC B 1 Bury Bridge WMC 4, Whitefield Snooker A 1 Whitefield BC 4.

Late Results: Radcliffe Central D 1 Tottington Con A 4.

Breaks: Jimmy Morrison 38 (Salisbury A), Lee Marney 37 Unf and 29 (Bury Snooker B), Oliver Barlow 37 (Tottington D), Andy Rhodes 35 (Fishpool), Steve Hilton 26 (Fishpool), Tony Baker 25 (Bury Snooker B).

Centuries: Les Eckersley 115 (Radcliffe Central C), Tony Preston 107 (Tottington D).

Late Registrations: Elton Lib D Phil Hamer 2.

FIXTURES A Section: Bury Snooker D v Fishpool Liberal Club, Elton Liberal Club B v Elton Liberal Club C, Radcliffe Central A v Whitefield Snooker B, Tottington Con D v Buchanans SSC A, Elton Liberal Club D v Elton Liberal Club A.

B Section: Huntley Unionist A v Radcliffe Central D, Bury Snooker C v Salisbury Con A, Buchanans SSC B v Stanley Con, Tottington Con A v Seedfield BC A, Salisbury Con B v Bury Snooker B.

C Section: Radcliffe Central C v Huntley Unionist B, Huntley Unionist C v Walshaw Con, Seedfield BC B v Tottington Con B, Whitefield Snooker A v Radcliffe Central B, Whitefield BC v Bury Bridge WMC.