IT was a tie for performance of the week with two contenders contributing to big results for their teams.

Simon Fitzsimmons racked up an amazing 139 points in his frame, with the total points scored in the frame by both players totalling a massive 234.

That win along with fine displays from Andy Rhodes and Paul Taylor put Fishpool at the top of the table and on course for third consecutive title.

The other outstanding performance came from Mick Turta of Seedfield A. Going into the final frame, Seedfield found themselves 4-1 and 68 down on the aggregate. Up stepped Turta to bring home the frame and match points, winning by taking 69 points to tie the match at 4-4, the first draw of the season.

In the Irwell Street Metals A Section, Craig Brennan won his fifth consecutive frame, helping Buchanans A beat Radcliffe Central A. At Elton Lib, Tottington D’s Oliver Barlow’s fantastic start to the season came to a halt when he lost his first frame to plucky Ben McEneaney.

On the other table, Bury Snooker D returned to form with a resounding 8-1 win against Elton Lib C with James Fletcher, Ged Young and captain Sal Amin showing great touch.

Whitefield B had a night to forget against Elton Lib B with the match brought to a close by the ever improving Chris Kinsella.

At the top of the Cornucopia Cards and Gifts B Section, Bury Snooker B extended their lead following another fine win, this time against Tottington A.

Paul Heywood leads the frame-wins charts, continuing his excellent start to the season, winning his seventh frame in style.

Salisbury A started well against Huntley A, only for the turning point to be Paul Walsh’s third consecutive black-ball loss for the away side.

This kicked the visitors into action, and they romped home 7-2.

At the other end of the table, Stanley claimed victory against Bury Snooker C, largely thanks to a fine display by Dave Bennett.

Snooker Section A: Elton Liberal Club A 6 Tottington Con D 2, Buchanans SSC A 5 Radcliffe Central A 3, Whitefield Snooker B 2 Elton Liberal Club B 7, Elton Liberal Club C 1 Bury Snooker D 8, Fishpool Liberal Club 6 Elton Liberal Club D 2.

Section B: Bury Snooker B 7 Tottington Con A 1, Seedfield BC A 4 Buchanans SSC B 4, Stanley Con 5 Bury Snooker C 3, Salisbury Con A 2 Huntley Unionist A 7, Radcliffe Central D 5 Salisbury Con B 3.

Section C: Bury Bridge WMC 1 Whitefield Snooker A 8, Radcliffe Central B 8 Seedfield BC B 0, Tottington Con B 2 Huntley Unionist C 7, Walshaw Con 3 Radcliffe Central C 6, Huntley Unionist B 5 Whitefield BC 3.

Dominoes Section A: Elton Liberal Club A 3 Tottington Con D 2, Buchanans SSC A 4 Radcliffe Central A 1, Whitefield Snooker B 4 Elton Liberal Club B 1, Elton Liberal Club C 5 Bury Snooker D 0, Fishpool Liberal Club 1 Elton Liberal Club D 4.

Section B: Bury Snooker B 4 Tottington Con A 1, Seedfield BC A 1 Buchanans SSC B 4, Stanley Con 2 Bury Snooker C 3, Salisbury Con A 4 Huntley Unionist A 1, Radcliffe Central D 4 Salisbury Con B 1.

Section C: Bury Bridge WMC 4 Whitefield Snooker A 1, Radcliffe Central B 1 Seedfield BC B 4, Tottington Con B 0 Huntley Unionist C 5, Walshaw Con 4 Radcliffe Central C 1, Huntley Unionist B 5 Whitefield BC 0.

Breaks: Lee Marney 39 (Bury Snooker B), Andy Rhodes 35 (Fishpool), Andy Eckersley 33 (Radcliffe Central B), Simon Fitzsimmons 32 (Fishpool), Paul Davis 32 (Walshaw), Mick Middleton 31 (Tottington B), Paul Anderson 27 (Huntley C), Rik Davies 27 (Seedfield A), Paul Taylor 25unf (Fishpool).

Centuries: Simon Fitzsimmons 139 (Fishpool), Mick Turta 105 (Seedfield A), Kev Bogden 105 (Bury Snooker C), Andy Rhodes 104 (Fishpool).

Fixtures Wednesday Arthur Dykes Knockout second round (4 frame aggregate): Central A v Whitefield B, Bury Snooker D v Tottington D, Elton Lib B v Salisbury B, Salisbury A v Central D, Huntley A v Seedfield A, Whitefield A v Seedfield B, Central C v Huntley B, Bury Bridge v Huntley C.

Result sheets to be sent by home team to Les Eckersley in the envelopes provided by December 17.