HOSTS Huntley C edged the The Bury Open League B Section battle of the newly-promoted teams with a 6-2 win against Radcliffe Central C.

Radcliffe were ahead after three frames, but wins from A Catlow (97-46) and C Berry (85-34) helped the home side to victory.

Meanwhile, Stanley beat visitors Elton Liv D 5-3 with D Holt’s outstanding 91-16 win for the home side proving decisive.

Seedfield A travelled well when they beat Buchanans B 6-3, thanks largley to M Turta’s 89-34 success and J Heywood’s 102-53 win, although the match was decided on the final black in frame six.

Radcliffe Central D’s J Holt had a fine 92-55 victory, despite his opponent – Bury Snooker C’s M Burns – knocking in a nice 37 break in a match Central won 6-2.

In the C Section, Radcliffe Central B won 7-1 at home to Tottington A. M Smith (78-26) was the biggest winner in a closer match than the scoreline suggests.

When Walshaw entertained newcomers Radcliffe St Mary’s the hosts appeared to have it in the bag until L Lee took the last frame (89-32) taking the final black to seal the match points.

The other newcomers, Walmersley, had a similar result when they overcame Seedfield B away 5-4. Walmersley took just two frames with P Greenhalgh and D Morley winning (67-27) and (71-23) respectively to take the spoils.

Tottington B edged out Bury Bridge 5-3 taking the aggregate by 26 points while an even tighter game ensued at Whitefield BC with Huntley B taking the match 5-4 on the final black of the match.

In the A section, Tottington D kicked off their campaign with a 7-1 win against Salisbury B. O Barlow with a good frame (80-24) in what otherwise were closely contested frames.

A similar tale unfolded at Whitefield Snooker A where Buchanans A were 8-1 victors. M Hulme’s final frame (62-28) proved to be the biggest frame win when four of the frames could have gone either way.

Fishpool entertained Radcliffe Central A. Big wins in the first two frames for Fishpool’s S Thompson (80-33) and D Kay (70-25) set the hosts on their way to a 6-2 victory over Radcliffe Central A.

Results A Section: Fishpool 6 Radcliffe central A 2 (Doms) (4-1), Whitefield Snooker B 1 Buchanans A 8 (1-4), Tottington D 7 Salisbury B 1 (3-2).

B Section: Huntley C 6 Radcliffe Central C 2 (3-2), Stanley 5 Elton Lib D 3 (0-5), Buchanans B 3 Seedfield A 6 (3-2), Radcliffe Central D 6 Bury Snooker C 2 (4-1).

C Section: Radcliffe Central B 7 Tottington Con A 1 (5-0), Walshaw Con 3 Radcliffe St Mary’s 6 (2-3), Seedfield B 4 Walmersley Con 5 (0-5), Tottington Con B 5 Bury Bridge WMC 3 (1-4), Whitefield BC 4 Huntley B 5 (1-4).

Breaks: 37 Mark Burns (Bury Snooker C) D Harrison 34 P Anderson 31 (Huntley C) Ged French 31 (Buchanans B) D Kay 26 (Fishpool Lib) D Holt 25 (Stanley).

Century Makers: J Heywood 102 (Buchanans B).

Fixtures Wednesday October 10 Irwell Street Metal A Section: Tottington Con D v Elton Lib B, Fishpool Lib BYE, Bury Snooker D v Whitefield Snooker B, Elton Lib A v Bury Snooker B, Huntley A v Radcliffe Cen A, Salisbury Con B v Buchanans A.

Cornucopia Cards B Section: Elton Lib C v Seedfield BC A, Huntley Union C v Elton Lib D, Radcliffe Central D v Stanley Con, Buchanans B v Radcliffe Cen C, Whitefield Snooker A v Bury Snooker C.

Bury Mini Bus Hire C Section: Walmersley Con v Whitefield BC, Redcliffe Cen B v Radcliffe St Mary's, Bury Bridge WMC v Walshaw Con, Seedfield BC v Huntley Union B, Tottington Con B v Tottington Con A.