ELPM A continued to struggle in Division One of the Bury and District League with an 8-2 defeat to Ramsbottom B in which Andy McCheyne won both their games well.

Graham Hoy won three with Martin Wyatt and Mandy Winskill each winning two.

Ramsbottom B were also on the receiving end of a 6-4 defeat to Little Lever whose Ronnie Durose won three and Steve McNicholas added two while Dave Kaye won two for Rammy.

Radcliffe CC are solidly placed in second behind Ramsbottom A after a 10-0 victory over lowly Prestwich A. Jim Chadwick, Wayne Renton and Rob Hall all trebled.

Hilton Bury beat Burning Desire 7-3 at home where Rob Wylie won three for the home team and Callan Tolliday added two. Ben Armstrong won two for the visitors.

St Philips A kept their Division Two promotion hopes intact with a 7-3 win at Seedfield B, Derek Watmough and Dennis Collier each winning three for the visitors.

Prestwich C got the better of their B team with a 6-4 victory in which Peadar McKinstry, Bryan Beer and Ken Crimes each won two for the C team and Eddie Simon won two for the B.

Fourth-placed Prestwich D had a resounding 10-0 win at home to Carlton B in which Andy Evans, Steve Hathaway and Craig Bradbury all trebled.

Second-bottom Prestwich E were outclassed 10-0 by top-of-the-table Adelphi for whom Lee Devenport, Ken Hayes and Tommy Ryan all won three.

St Philips B lost 6-4 at home to promotion challengers Wardle A. Paul Howarth won three for the high-flyers and Dave Scowcroft won two for the home team.

In Division Three second-placed Maccabi B inflicted a first defeat of the season on ELPM B 6-4.

Results Division One: Little Lever 6 Ramsbottom C 4; Radcliffe CC 10 Prestwich A 0; ELPM A 2 Ramsbottom B 8; Hilton Bury 7 Burning Desire 3; Carlton Club A 10 BAE 0.

Division Two: St Philips B 4 Wardle Cons A 6; Seedfield B 3 St Philips A 7; Prestwich B 4 Prestwich C 6; Prestwich D 10 Carlton Club B 0; Prestwich E 0 Adelphi 10.

Division Three: Seedfield D 7 Shawfield A 3; Maccabi B 6 ELPM B 4; Stand 7 Maccabi A 3.

Division Four: Shawfield D 1 Holmar A 9; Holmar B 6 Shawfield C 4; BGSOB A 8 Seedfield E 2; Maccabi C 7 Carlton Club C 3; Prestwich F 7 Maccabi D 3; Holmar C 2 St Sebastians 8.

Division Five: Shawfield F 10 Seedfield G 0; Wardle Cons B 3 Shawfield E 7; Holmar E 1 Maccabi E 9; Shawfield G 1 Holmar D 9; Seedfield F 5 ELPM D 5; Ramsbottom D 9 BGSOB B 1.