RADCLIFFE Cricket Club maintained the pressure on the Division One leaders with an 8-2 victory over Ramsbottom C.

Rob Hall and three-time men’s closed champion Graham Jeffries – making a rare appearance in the league – both won their three and Mick Dore added two more.

Martin Wyatt won one for the visitors and they won the doubles.

Leaders Ramsbottom A beat Seedfield A 10-0 at home but had to go to five games in three sets to get their maximum.

Mick Moir beat Peter Mears at five in the fifth, Khamal Hussain beat David Poytress at four in the fifth and Andy Jackson beat Rob Carter at six in the fifth.

St Philips A beat Prestwich A 6-4 at home with Dennis Taylor winning his three for the home team, Derek Watmough won two and they added the doubles. Dave Cheetham won two for Prestwich, Colin Boardman one and reserve Peadar McKinstry one.

Burning Desire beat Adelphi 7-3 at home.

Andy Kaye won his three for the home team and Bill Russell and Ben Armstrong two each. Tommy Ryan won two for the visitors including the last set of the night at seven in the fifth against Bill Russell.

In Division Two, Prestwich B beat their C team 8-2 but both teams are in comfortable promotion spots Despite the one-sided scoreline, five sets went to five and the B team won four of them including a 19-17 in the fifth by Dave Bolton over Joe Redikin. Andy Evans and Dave Bolton were unbeaten for the B team and Bryan Beer added two more. McKinstry won one for the C team and they won the doubles.

The Closed Championships are being held on Sunday March 20, and not March 27, as in the handbook.

It is being held at the Radclyffe School, Oldham.

Finals night will be on Thursday, April 14, at Elton Sports Club. Entries at www.burytabletennis.org.uk Results Division One: Ramsbottom A 10 Seedfield A 0, Radcliffe CC 8 Ramsbottom C 2, St.Philips A 6 Prestwich A 4, Burning Desire 7 Adelphi 3.

Division Two: Seedfield B 3 Polish Cath Club 7, Prestwich B 8 Prestwich C 2, Prestwich D 7 ELPM A 3, Prestwich E 4 Carlton Club B 6, Stand CC 4 St.Philips B 6.

Division Three: Seedfield D 6 Shawfield B 4, Elton Vale TTC 10 ELPM C 0, Holmar A 10 Hilton YMCA 0, ELPM B 9 Elton Vale SC 1.

Division Four: Shawfield C 10 Seedfield E 0, Holmar C 9 Shawfield D 1, BGSOB A 3 Maccabi C 7, Carlton Club C 9 Shawfield E 1, Prestwich F 8 Holmar B 2.

Division Five: Shawfield G 6 Holmar E 4, Maccabi F 7 Wardle 3, Seedfield F 4 Maccabi E 6, Ramsbottom TTA B 1 Ramsbottom TTA A 9, Seedfield G 0 Holmar D 10, Shawfield F 2 BGSOB B 8.