MARK Baguley has left Prestwich Heys to take up a coaching role at AFC Monton.

His brother Chris has taken over as manager at the Manchester League club who are resurrecting their first team after a two-year absence.

Mark will join him as assistant manager ending a four-year association with Heys.

He joined the club in the 2015/16 season and scored some crucial goals in Heys’ treble success, netting five times in 14 games.

When Heys moved up to the Hallmark Security League, Mark moved from scoring goals to stopping them, making 22 appearances over two seasons as goalkeeper.

Last season he was involved on the coaching side as he eyed a move into management.

Manager Jon Lyons said “I would like to thank Mark for his contributions at Heys over the last four seasons, both as a player and coach.

“I am gutted to see him go but totally understand his decision.

“He has spoken about going into management and Monton is a great club at which to start.

“It’s a great opening for both him and Chris, who I would also like to thank for his service both on and off the pitch in the last three seasons.

“I wish them both well and as both clubs are local to each other hopefully, we may be able to help each other out over the season”

Elsewhere, Michael Smith is making a slow but steady recovery from the facial injuries he sustained in Heys’ home game with Garstang on Easter Monday.

The popular goalkeeper was involved in a sickening, accidental, head-on collision with Alan Coar in the 30th minute of the game with the Garstang striker also needing stitches in a head wound.

“I am not too bad, I am slowly on the mend,” he said.

“I remember coming out for the ball and thinking I’m not going to make it so I had to throw myself to reach and punch it clear, then bang – me and Alan collided.

“On the floor, I sat right up and felt the blood pouring out and thought I had just cut my lip until I put my tongue on my teeth and realised, they had been knocked out.

“There wasn’t really any pain to be honest, I think because of the shock

“At present I still have a splint on my teeth to hold them in place and I am due back at the dentist in two weeks to see the next steps.

“I am grateful to the referee (Matt McQuillan) for staying to put my tooth that came out in milk.

“It helped save the tooth.

“The doctor has said it could be two years before I get feeling back in my lip if at all.

“I’m looking at getting four veneers for the teeth that are damaged and hoping to get it paid for by the PFA, but we will see what happens.

“I just have to take it one step at a time.”