RADCLIFFE interim managers Garry Vaughan and Darren Lyons have issued a warning to their players after they slipped to their seventh defeat in the last eight games with a 4-0 loss at Matlock Town.

The pair were very unhappy with their side’s lack of fight over the 90 minutes.

“Overall, first ball, second ball, third ball, not enough battle, not enough strength, decision making was very poor for most parts of the game which is not acceptable and they will be addressed,” said Vaughan.

Lyons added: “I thought we played some good football in parts. We kept the ball quite well, even with 10 men.

“The ultimatum is that if they want to be here they have to work hard and graft for us and the club. I told them if they don’t want to do that, come Thursday, we will get in other people who are willing to do it for us.”

As well as their work ethic, the new management duo at the Neiven Stadium questioned their players’ decision making throughout the game at Matlock where the game slipped away from them alarmingly after they were reduced to 10 men by Callum Dolan’s first-half dismissal for a clash with an opponent.

“Those have been the words we have used for the last two games if we are honest – game management,” said Vaughan.

“I think we were well below-par in patches but we played some good football in patches and I think 4-0 flatters Matlock but we need to push on now, they have been told if they want to be here they need to buck up.”

“We have had our say in the dressing room,” revealed Lyons. “We have put a gauntlet down for them, the ball is in their court. If they want to be part of what we are building at the club and the football we are trying to play, they have to be more confident and confident in what we are trying to install into them – and it will come good, I’m sure it will.

“We are looking at the right kind of players with the right attitude. They can go and look at themselves and see if they are that person to fill that mould. If they are not, no problem, no hard feelings. That is football and we will go and find players that are.”

The pair will be looking for redemption when Boro face a tough game at third-placed Lancaster City this Saturday.