A date has been set for Bury FC's appeal against a punishment handed to them after claims of fans using “discriminatory language” in a home match last year.

In January, the Manchester FA ordered the Shakers to play two home games behind closed doors in response to allegations after the match at Gigg Lane against West Didsbury and Chorlton FC on September 2.

As well as a two-match full stadium closure, the club was hit with a £350 fine.

The governing body said the club had “failed to ensure its supporters conducted themselves in an orderly fashion, and failed to ensure they did not use improper, offensive, violent, threatening, abusive, indecent, insulting and provocative language".

The Shakers said it "reported the incident at the time, and provided video and other evidence to the police" and did not dispute the claims that were made.

But the club labelled the punishment "excessive", arguing that excluding well-behaved supporters does "nothing to promote inclusion".

The club then reported it had been successful in an appeal to suspend the sanctions.

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And in an announcement on its website this week, Bury FC said: "As reported to supporters in early January, the club appealed the punishment handed down following charges brought relating to offensive comments made by supporters inside Gigg Lane during the fixture against West Didsbury and Chorlton on September 2, 2023.

"The appeal was granted and we have been informed that the hearing for this appeal will take place on Monday, March 4.

"The result of this hearing will be communicated to supporters following its conclusion."