Bury FC has been charged by the Manchester FA for "failing to control" its fans after a number of incidents reported at the club's play-off defeat last month.

The governing body's charge relates to incidents which reportedly happened during the club's North West Counties Premier Division play-off final away at Wythenshawe Town's Ericstan Park Stadium on Saturday, May 4.

On Monday, the Shakers' CEO Neil Sears said the governing body's charge "centres around" fans "throwing beer on officials", using pyrotechnics which are banned, fighting and encroaching the pitch when Bury equalised to make it 1-1.

Wythenshawe Town went on to win the tie after a penalty shootout.  

Following the match, footage emerged on social media of fans fighting which led to a police appeal.

The sanction this week follows another case last season when the Shakers were ordered to play two home games behind closed doors in response to allegations that fans using "discriminatory language" at Gigg Lane in a game against West Didsbury and Chorlton FC on September 2.

As well as a two-match full stadium closure, the club was hit with a £350 fine.

In a statement released on Monday, Mr Sears said banning orders have been issued to fans.

He said: "Over the last few weeks, the club have been working with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on identifying the individuals who firstly invaded the pitch after the equalising goal was scored, and secondly those who were shown to be fighting with each other and this was portrayed on social media during our play-off final at Ericstan Park in early May.

"We are now able to provide you with a further update, following our statements last month.

"As a club, we wish to again re-iterate that this behaviour is completely unacceptable in today’s society and has no place at our community club.

"A handful of those identified for fighting have been arrested and are currently under investigation by GMP.

"We will continue to work alongside the relevant authorities in ensuring that they are banned from Gigg Lane.

"Today (Monday), we have also issued a number of banning letters in conjunction with our club sanctions policy around pitch encroachment.

"This process will be continuing over the next few weeks as we contact all those identified.

"In relation to these incidents the club has this week received a charge from the Manchester FA with a breach of rule E.21: ‘failing to control our supporters’.

"The charge centres around the following reported incidents: – throwing beer on officials, – the use of pyrotechnics which are prohibited, – fighting and finally, – encroachment of the pitch when the equalising goal was scored.

"This kind of behaviour leaves the club again in the spotlight with the FA for the wrong reasons and subject to sanctions as a result.

"The club will now put its case to the Manchester FA over the events that occurred."

Mr Sears added: "I have talked about behaviour a lot during my short time with the club, and whilst the majority of our fans attend the games in good spirits and support (manager) Dave (McNabb) and the team, the one per cent are still causing the club considerable issues.

"My message to this one per cent is if you cannot attend matches and behave appropriately, then you are simply not welcome.

"With so much excitement over the last few days around club signings, it really hurts to have to write these kind of messages.

"We look forward to the new season with optimism and look forward to welcoming back our genuine club supporters at Gigg Lane.

"It is key that the club provides the community with an environment that is safe and secure for all who attend. We continue to work to towards this goal."