After the first London-inspired ‘nightclub’ gym in Bury's town centre opened we decided to take a look inside.

Married couple Nick and Louise Phillips, both 39, from Prestwich, have opened LUV Fitness on Parson's Lane.

On entering the facility for the first time, the first thing you're hit with, is how unlike a gym it is. 

For starters, there was an absence of body odour and obsessive gym rats. 

It felt like a safe space, with a communal area used for prosecco parties and social events after classes.

Although I was assured that after a heavy workout, the smell of body odour can creep in, there was a cleanliness to the building that most run-of-the-mill gyms can find it hard to keep on top of.  

The gym focuses on three main types of training- weights, boxing and cycling.

Nick has been in the fitness industry for 16 years and was inspired by the gyms in London.

His wife Louise pointed out how being in rooms with low lighting and loud music, can make gym goers feel less self-conscious. 

Watch our first look piece to see the gym or click here to read more about how LUV Fitness began.