Residents in Tottington have raised concerns after more plans have been put forward to install a 16m 5G mast on a housing estate.

The proposed site is on Sycamore Road, close to the junction with Bury Road.

The applicant of the proposal is mobile phone operator Three, which has recently proposed similar plans to instal a 16m mast on Coleridge Road in Greenmount, which have been highly criticised by locals.

The conclusion in the plans as to why the area was chosen for the mast states: “Taking into account the site-specific factors and technical constraints, available options and planning constraints, it is considered that the proposed street pole clearly represents the optimum environmental solution to extend coverage to the target Community.

“The use of the public highway to accommodate a new telecommunications installation complies with both central government and local planning policy guidance, where the underlying aim is to provide an efficient and competitive telecommunication system for the benefit of the community, while minimising visual impact.”

Residents of Sycamore Road and the surrounding areas have voiced their concern about the mast and are planning to fight the proposal.

One objection, listed on the council's planning portal, says: “As a resident we are supposed to receive a letter informing us of this application, to date, we haven't.

“The sighting of the telecom’s installation is directly across from my house.

“I feel this will have a detrimental effect on the area.

“An option to move the mast and cabinets back on the other grass verge to blend in with the trees would possibly be a better solution, as it would hide the majority of the installation.

“This would create a more pleasing environment for all.

“The height of the cabinets could be an issue, so close to a main road junction, with many school children passing, it could be a blind spot.

“The road gets very busy at weekend due to the popular sports club, which attracts a lot of children.”

Another objector wrote: “Our main objection is not the technology as we all know we need the expansion to meet the countries needs with communication.

“Although we are surprised this mast is only for one supplier.

“The footprint of the mast is reasonably small, but the control boxes are very large and unsightly.

“The control boxes may cause a black spot for children crossing the road as vehicles may not see pedestrians in time to avoid a collision.

“The area does see more children than other roads due to the sports club facilities junior section and general children using the field to play on.

“The visual impact is a concern in a semi-rural area and all the houses from 1 Sycamore Rd to 27 Sycamore Rd have a privately owned a maintained green with open plan gardens and open aspect to the sports field with trees and bushes to make it a country feeling in a disappearing countryside.

“Both the mast and control boxes are in a direct view from all the properties.

“We feel the planning has not looked at all the possibilities available in the vicinity and have just gone for the easiest option with no regard to the residents in the immediate vicinity.”

Some neighbours think that if the mast was moved from its proposed position to further back, which has trees nearby so it is less visible, it would be more suitable.

They would also like the colour of the mast and control panels to be green to blend in with the background.

Another option made was to move the entire mast and control panels to the corner of the sports field which is only 50m away from the planned site which would hide the structure from the properties.

Tottington independent Cllr Yvonne Wright said: “I would hope once residents send in their objections a revised application could be made by the applicants by moving the proposed site just a few meters into an area with trees.

“Masts can be camouflaged to blend in with trees which would be more acceptable to residents.”

Residents can submit their comments on the council planning portal until Tuesday, September 27 before a decision will be considered.