An excited band chairman has happily announced they are bringing brass music back to Bury United Reform Church following a prolonged break.

After more than two years, on Friday, September 30, the Radcliffe Brass Band will be performing at the Parsons Lane church.

The group has not performed there for so long, mainly due to the pandemic.

Rev Eric Ruehorn, chairman of the Bury and Radcliffe Bible Society, said: “It must be over two-and-a-half years since our last one.

“It's been a bit of a quiet time but, nevertheless, the work of our society has been going on all over the world.

“We has a quiet spell because of Covid but now we're looking forward to it and it's really great, we just hope that we get a good attendance.”

The Action Group of the Bury and Radcliffe Bible Society are eager to bring back the brass and will also be providing light refreshments for those attending the event. 

Admission to the concert is free and opportunities to donate to the Bible society will be made. 

The official start time for the concert is 7.30pm.

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