A group of residents have run a successful campaign to install lifesaving medical equipment at a community centre. 

A new defibrillator was unveiled at Hollins Community Centre last week with Bury mayor Cllr Shaheena Harroon in attendence as part of a plan to place as many of the devices around the area as possible.

The devices, which cost around £1,800 each, deliver an electric shock to the heart and can be used to help save the life of someone in cardiac arrest. 

They are designed for use by the general public who can call 999 to obtain the device's code and receive guidance on how to use it. 

The new defibrillator is one of many installed in Bury over the last year by various community groups looking to ensure the borough can respond to medical emergencies.

John Pendlebury, who helped fundraise for the new defibrillator in Hollins, says more than £8,000 has been raised for the project so far.

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He is hoping to collect an extra £1,500 to install, insure and maintain two more devices in the area. 

He said: “The importance of the defibrillator being there is saving someone’s life who otherwise could die.”

John has also helped to facilitate training at the community centre which teaches people how to react if they see someone having a heart attack, and how to use the defibrillator.

He said: “The training is important as people can be nervous and don’t know how to use it even through it’s simple.

“If I’m in a room with someone who’s had a heart attack, the most important thing to do is to call for help.

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“It is important that they know the stages of getting help.”

John and his fellow fundraisers, including community centre secretary Michael Hope, now aim to complete installation of a new Defibrillator at the Queen Anne Inn on Hollins Lane and at Blackford House Medical Centre on Croft Lane.

They hope to expand the project to various other other locations in the borough. 

If you'd like to donate to their campaign, you can do so through the Communty Heartbeat Trust.