Plans for 84 new homes have been approved despite concerns from residents.

Developer Hive Homes lodged an application to construct a mixture of three and four-bed houses on land off Parkinson Street in Bury, where the former Seedfield Resource Centre used to be situated.

The proposals, which also included a 42-space car park, were debated at a recent planning committee meeting.

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The major worries for residents was traffic and parking problems as there would be only one access road leading into and out of the development.

Resident Gary Hardman, who spoke at the meeting, said: “During the football season when there’s around 60 cars arriving and leaving, congestion becomes chaotic as queues form to join the A56.

“When we first heard that the Seedfield Centre was being redeveloped, whilst welcoming the need for new homes, the community became immediately worried about the excessive congestion in the area, particularly during demolition and construction periods.

“In 2009, it was proposed that a second access road was built within the site exiting onto Arley Avenue and we’ve raised this idea at every consultation since, but we’ve been completely ignored.

“Had our suggestion been taken seriously, funds for the road could have been included in the initial cost for the site and we would not be in this dire situation we find ourselves in now.

“We’re not nimby’s, we know our area, we know what is needed and we believe the Planning Control Committee have three options.

“Firstly, without provision of a second access road, we ask you to reject this application.

“Secondly, defer the application until funding is identified for this second access road.

“Thirdly, pass this application but with a condition that no works would be started until the second access road is built.”

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Many residents said that if the access road was built, they would be in full support of the development.

Moorside Cllr Babar Ibrahim spoke about the traffic concerns due to the number of football teams who use the pitch nearby could be a nightmare with just one access road. 

Ward colleague Cllr Sandra Walmsley said was is in full support of the plans as there is a desperate need for housing in Bury but she too has concerns about traffic. 

But other councillors were worried about the local infrastructure would cope with the extra residents like schools and healthcare services. 

Although a traffic consultant carried out a traffic movement study, it was noted that this took place on a quiet day and a more in-depth study was called to take place. But the council accepted the original study.

After a long debate in the meeting, the application was approved with conditions, including that the development must not begin later than three years, any trees or shrubs that have died or become damaged within five years will be replaced and a drainage system will be put in place to reduce a flooding risk.

Following the decision, resident Tim Boaden said after the meeting: "The extra traffic generated by the addition of 84 new homes will result in chaotic conditions along Parkinson Street when the community facilities are in use."

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Ed Milner, managing director of Hive Homes said: “We believe that the development of the site will make a positive contribution to the local area.

“We take on board the comments made by Mr Hardman regarding the highways.

“We’re not against the idea of an access road but we’re working within the constraints of the red edge of the site provided to us by the council.

“Hence, we’ve engaged a traffic consultant who undertook a study of traffic movements in and out the site including in the construction period, and we’re satisfied that whilst there will be an increase of traffic, its not going to be overly detrimental to the neighbourhood.

“The provision of the new housing and its location contributes 25 per cent of affordable housing and we feel it’s a far better use of the land that at the moment.”

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