The Jewish community in Bury is set to receive financial support for protection after a wave of anti-Semitic attacks across the country.

Extra funding has been pledged to protect schools, synagogues, and other Jewish community buildings in the wake of Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel.

The money will go to the Community Security Trust (CST), which works closely with the police, enabling them to place additional guards in schools and security staff outside synagogues during the Sabbath.

Bury Times: Councillor Arnold Saunders

Arnold Saunders, a Rabbi, parliamentary candidate for Bury South, and Salford councillor, said: “We must not allow the situation in the Middle East to spill over to the streets of Bury, Salford or anywhere in Greater Manchester.

“I call for calm and harmony in our wonderful diverse and multi-cultural cities and towns - of which we are rightly proud.”

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Extra police patrols have already been seen around Jewish schools in the borough.

When asked about the safety of pupils, a spokesperson from Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School said: “We are acting, as always, in line with CST and police advice and we thank everyone for their support."

Bury Times: An Israeli flag at a vigil at Parliament Square in London, for victims and hostages of the Hamas
A total of £3million has been pledged to stepping up protection across the UK after a reported increase in anti-Semitic attacks following the Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel.

Arnold Saunders said he was shocked and saddened ‘by the brutal massacre of civilians - including the elderly, infirm, children and babies by Hamas terrorists’, last weekend.

He said: “I stand with Israel and support her right to defend herself.

“Sadly, such atrocities lead to an escalation of an already complex situation.

“I sympathise with innocent civilian victims on all sides and pray for a peaceful resolution.

“I thank the Prime Minister, the Government, opposition leaders, MPs, and local councillors for their support. I particularly welcome the Government's commitment to protecting the Jewish community in the UK through extra resources for policing.

“If anyone is a victim of antisemitism or Islamophobia, they should report it to the police as well as the appropriate Muslim or Jewish Security organisation.”

Speaking about the situation in the Middle East and its effects on the UK, the Prime Minister said: “This is now the third deadliest terror attack in the world since 1970. The United Kingdom must and will continue to stand in solidarity with Israel.

“At moments like this, when the Jewish people are under attack in their homeland, Jewish people everywhere can feel less safe.

“That is why we must do everything in our power to protect Jewish people everywhere in our country. If anything is standing in the way of keeping the Jewish community safe, we will fix it. You have our complete backing.”