A mum-of-two who launched a popular unique fitness class will be bringing a session to Bury after success in Prestwich and Manchester city centre.

Jenny Walker, who brought the fitness brand, RockFit, to the borough, said she wants to give more back to her local community and will be hosting a town centre "rockathon" in the new year.

The aim of Rockfit is to give people a safe, judgement-free space to "rock out" and stay healthy and strong, something Jenny said has changed the lives of some members.

Bury Times: Jenny after a litterpick with Rockfit

She said: “I just want to spread the word it is making a difference in people’s lives.

“One person who comes to our classes has just come off the liver transplant list, another is going through a cancer journey and there are many more who use this to help with their mental health.

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Bury Times: Jenny's Rockfit session in Manchester

“We never focus of weight it is about health and socialising in a judgment free zone with heavy metal and rock music”.

Classes are a mix of ages, genders and abilities and have helped many to make social connections.

Jenny added: “Classes have been really successful and I have been putting more on including a couple of city centre Rockathons and Halloween specials.

Bury Times: Jenny's Rockfit session in Manchester

“However, my main classes are very Prestwich focused, I am being draw more to Bury than the city centre to give back to my own borough.

“As such, we will be hosting a Rockathon at the Met in February for anyone who is interested in seeing what we are about, trying it out or just coming down for a chat”.

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The event will be held at 10am on Saturday, February 10, with tickets priced at £12 per person. There will be opportunities to socialise after the event too.

Bury Times: Jenny's Rockfit session in Manchester

Currently, sessions are held at Heaton Park Methodist Church and St Margaret's Church Prestwich.

Jenny said: “They are great places to hold sessions and the committee are all so nice.

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“Because of that and how our classes have developed in such a friendly way, we have started litter picking in the local areas to give ack to the community in another way.

Bury Times: Litterpick with Rockfit

“This also gives members another opportunity to socialise and move around in a different kind of way.”

The February Rockathon will last for one hour and 15 minutes and is aimed at being an open session for potential or existing members and anyone curious about the classes.

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For more information and tickets head to The Met website or contact the box office on 0161 761 2216.

Bury Times: Jenny's Rockfit session

Jenny brought the fitness brand RockFit to the North West back in 2020 after falling in love with the concept at a festival. 

The gym alternative combines a workout with rock and metal music aiming to give people a safe, judgement-free space to "rock out" and stay healthy and strong.

Jenny said she enjoyed it so much that she decided to become a full-time instructor.

Bury Times: RockathonRockathon (Image: Public)

After launching classes in 2020, around six weeks later coronavirus lockdown restrictions were rolled out.

It wasn’t until May 2022 that Jenny was able to pick up where she left off. 

Since then  the group has gone from strength to strength.