A children’s care home provider says it will "reassure and work with the community" after plans for residential accommodation were approved.

Proposals to convert a former residential property on Randale Drive in Unsworth into a children’s home were submitted by Upwards Care Solutions last month, prompting concerns from the community over noise and anti-social behaviour.

The new home will provide accommodation to three young people aged seven to 17 in the care of the local authority.

The home will provide supported accommodation for young people with social, emotional and behavioural issue with staff on site at all times.

Plans were approved by the council’s planning control committee on Tuesday, despite drawing almost 100 objections from residents.

Earlier this month, London-based charity, Become urged residents to show “love and kindness” towards children in care, adding that looked after young people are often negatively affected by stigma and prejudice.

In a statement read to the council’s planning control committee on Tuesday, a representative from Upwards Care Solutions said: “As an organisation, our aim is to provide care love and support for children to keep them safe from harm and to allow them to grow into positive role models in society.

“One of the biggest barriers is children not feeling part of or wanted in a community which is very sad.

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“Every child deserves love and every child deserved acceptance, we are asking our local area to accept these children into the community to allow them to become part of something, for them to feel accepted which is the most important thing for them after receiving so much rejection.

"All members of staff will go through safety recruitment checks and will be identified with good integrity and a caring nature. 

"The staff will work directly with neighbours to reassure and work with the community."

The statement added that the home would be Ofsted regulated and trained staff would be on site at all times.

Objecting to the plans at the meeting, an Unsworth resident expressed concerns the home would disturb elderly residents.

He said: “I draw your attention to Bury’s lifetime neighbourhood plan which seeks to create neighbourhoods for older people in the locations they want to live and the national planning policy framework which aims to establish these places which are safe and free from the fear of crime.

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“The potential damage to community amenity is great, there is the potential for noise and disturbance from music, staff change over times fire drills and police call outs.”

While Unsworth councillors were unable to attend the meeting, Cllr Joan Grimshaw urged the committee to consider the concerns of residents regarding the proposals.

It was heard that neither the council children’s services nor Greater Manchester Police had raised concerns about the plans.

A note from GMP added that a "facility of this nature is best located and supported by a domestic residential community".

It was also heard that a similar application for a property on Sunnybank Road, which had also been earmarked for conversion into a children’s home, had since been withdrawn by the applicant.

Committee chair Cllr Sean Thorpe announced the plans had been approved following a unanimous vote by members.