A group of borough residents have launched a new hyper-local political party to push for "transparent decision making" at next year’s council elections.

The newly-formed Bury Independents will stand candidates in next year’s local elections, due to take place on May 2 next year.

The party say their intention is to "put people before politics and represent the people of Bury in an open, transparent and honest way".

The campaign group included residents from across the borough, including Unsworth, Whitefield, Prestwich, Bury and Radcliffe, who wish to follow the example set by Radcliffe First with a new hyper-local party.

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Bury Independents leader Steve Middleton said: “As a small group of experienced local community campaigners, we collectively decided we’d had enough of the political games and poor decision making that has blighted Bury.

“The five of us have come together to form Bury Independents and we are hoping more people will join once we’ve explained to Bury folk how we hope to change the status quo on the council.

“Bury Independents will focus on the needs of the people of Bury first – fighting against building on Bury’s green belt, campaigning for better school standards and cheaper school uniforms across the borough, challenging the neglect of Bury’s roads and pushing for transparent decision making.”

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Philip Smith-Lawrence, Bury Independents' head of media and communications, added: "Bury Independents was formed because we believe you, the people of Bury, should have the option to choose people from the community and who work on behalf of the community, to represent you, the people of Bury, in Bury Council.

"Anyone who wants to join us as candidates or supporters to work for a better run council can sign up on our website at www.buryindependents.com and you can also support us on Facebook at facebook.com/buryindependents on twitter/x at twitter.com/BuryIndys and on Instagram at Instagram.com/buryindependents.

"Join us and help make your town a better place to live and work.”