A Bury building housing a vacant laundrette and two business properties could become two bedsit developments under new plans.

The site on Porter Street could be turned into two separate houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) after plans were submitted to the council this week.

HMOs are homes where at least three tenants forming more than one household live and share common areas such as a bathroom and kitchen facilities.

A former laundrette, and units which have been used as a glazing supplier showroom and a carpet fitters showroom, are based at the building.

The proposals seek permission to partially convert the building into one HMO of seven rooms and another with eight rooms.

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The development would also see the addition of parking spaces and storage as well as new windows, doors and lights.

A document submitted by development consultants Town Planning Experts as part of the plans state: “The site relates to a short terrace of three properties located on the south side of Porter Street and at the junction with Back Walmersley Road.

“The property comprises four existing flats and three commercial units that have an authorised use as a glazing suppliers showroom, carpet fitter’s showroom and a laundrette.

“The laundrette is permanently vacant. Unauthorised uses within the other two units have emerged however no planning permission has ever been granted for these uses.”

The council has received a number of applications for HMOs in recent months, including proposals to add an extra bedroom on to an existing six-bedroom property, which was refused by the planning committee.

Residents are now invited to have their say on the plans during a consultation period before a decision is made.