Whitefield police conducted speed enforcement checks under the cover of darkness on Friday.

Greater Manchester Police said officers had stopped a driver a few weeks ago and gave him a warning due to the manner of his driving.

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On Friday, the same driver was stopped when he was allegedly caught doing 50mph in a 30mph on Manchester Road.

His car was seized, and he was issued with a traffic offence report for speeding.

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A spokesperson for GMP Bury South said: “On 08/03/24, the Whitefield Neighbourhood Policing Team conducted a Speed Enforcement Operation during the cover of darkness.

“We actually stopped the driver of this vehicle, in a different vehicle, several weeks ago. On that occasion, he was given his second S59 warning, due to his manner of driving.

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“The same driver was captured at 50mph in a 30mph zone on Manchester Road using our LIDAR (speed gun) device.

“We have now seized his vehicle and he has been issued with a Traffic Offence Report for Excess Speed.”