An "offender" lunged at someone with a knife at a borough tram stop on Wednesday night.

Police were called after the alarming incident, which happened at 11pm at Whitefield Metrolink stop.

No injuries were caused during the attack.

Stop and search police powers, which were introduced after the triple stabbing near Bury Market on Monday, have been extended to 2pm on Friday.

Police also said there have been a "number of violent incidents since Monday evening".

The area will cover parts of the town centre, Whitefield and the Metrolink lines to "help prevent further incidents".

The entire Metrolink lines include stations and surroundings at Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Besses, Prestwich, Heaton Park and Bowker Vale.

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Superintendent Mike Walsh from Greater Manchester Police's Bury district said: “Our priority is always to keep our communities safe, so far we have conducted a significant number of stop searches which have resulted in positive returns and important intelligence gathered.

“As this fast paced and dynamic investigation is progressing, we have committed a significant number of resources to the area.

“I understand these incidents will be of huge concern for everyone that lives and works in Bury, we are working hard to ascertain a full picture of what has happened in these incidents and are pursuing multiple lines of enquiries.

“Additional patrols will be across the town and anyone with concerns is encouraged to speak to us.

"Our officers are there to keep you safe, if you have any concerns, they will be happy to provide reassurance and listen to any of your queries.”