One of "Europe's foremost and most enigmatic pianists" will be performing at Bury Parish Church on Friday.

Frenchman Patrick Hemmerlé will be playing at the town centre church in a lunchtime concert at 12.30pm.

He has "forged a unique path in the musical world which leaves him free to immerse himself with singular dedication into the repertoire and musical expression resonating with the profoundest convictions".

The results are "interpretations of startling insight and originality".

He engages with his audience from the keyboard with an "energy and integrity that leaves no-one in the room in doubt as to his musical intentions".

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Trained at the Conservatoire de Paris under Billy Edie, and laureate of many international piano competitions, he now lives in Cambridge where he has built up a "staunchly loyal following".

He performs all over the world and recent events have taken him to New York, Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Prague and China.

He has published 5 CDs, and his latest recording project to be issued shortly, is a pairing of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier and Fischer’s Ariadne Musica. Patrick is a member of Clare Hall, where he is in charge of the concert programme.

Refreshments will be served from 11.30am and tickets will be £5 on the door.